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Fiercely Curious is an online art & design collective based in Brooklyn.

We believe in connecting directly with the artists and designers.


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Feb 27th Art & Design Show - Our 1 Year Anniversary

Almost exactly one year ago we started Fiercely Curious. The beginnings of the Fiercely journey. And so to celebrate, we're excited to announce that we are hosting a week-long art and design show! Read more

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Design Sponge, Demons and Dandelions

You may have met William Suran. He's a talented Fiercely Curious painter who's been slowly churning out hours and hours of laboriously intricate layered watercolors. He has also received some stell...
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Posted Jan 24, 2015 by Erin Przekop


Fiercely Curious artist Ian Trask launches a Kickstarter for his epic new project!
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Posted Jan 16, 2015 by Erin Przekop

Whiskey, Shots and Mysterious Boobs

Introducing the newest addition to Fiercely Made - J*Double*U! Whether she's throwing down on a wheel or slip casting from two ton molds...
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Posted Jan 13, 2015 by Erin Przekop

Brand New Artwork!

Fresh from Fiercely Curious!
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Posted Dec 17, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

Introducing fdup.chuk by danielmoyerdesign

Are they robots, space cadets or scraps of wood that have come to life from Daniel Moyer's studio? You decide. But decide quick as these...
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Posted Nov 25, 2014 by Erin Przekop

What it takes to make a whitewash elm coffee table

Robert Sukrachand loves simplistic style.  He has created the Whitewash Elm Coffee Table specifically to celebrate the natural beauty of ...
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Posted Nov 11, 2014 by Erin Przekop

A feather in our coffee-stained cap!

Today is a magical day - we're proud and excited to announce that we've been working away behind the scenes for quite some time now on custom artwork for a brand new Starbucks in Williamsburg that ...
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Posted Nov 04, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

Oil. Metal. Film. THREE new Fiercely Curious artists!

Scouring Brooklyn for our newest additions to Fiercely Curious, we sought the special, the unique and most of all, the memorable. Oh, we found them!
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Posted Oct 24, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

Fiercely Curious is Full On For Gowanus Open Studios!

A recap of Gowanus Open Studios 2014
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Posted Oct 22, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

Magic Happens in the Gowanus Ballroom

Tucked back in a secret alley that kisses up to the Gowanus Canal is a peaceful cluster of warehouses. You'll find picnic tables, floral planters hanging over entranceways, people out in the loadin...
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Posted Oct 16, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

Two upcoming Fiercely Curious shows for Gowanus Open Studios!

Ready to see Gowanus come alive with art? That's right - Gowanus Open Studios is upon us. It's that time of year when the entire neighborhood crawls with art and you can feel the creativity in the ...
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Posted Oct 09, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

A Retrospective of Our Dream Launch Show and What We're Dreaming Up Next

For the launch of Fiercely Made in September 2014, we threw a week long pop up gallery show, boutique and party to celebrate and honor al...
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Posted Sep 29, 2014 by Erin Przekop

"Brooklyn Chic" Streetart in Bushwick

Sunday evening, as the sun was setting, we biked to Bushwick just in time to catch the last brushstrokes being applied to our friend, David Cooper's mural.
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Posted Aug 05, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

Newest work from artist Jake Wallace!

We spent some time with Jake Wallace (one of our founding Fiercely Curious artists) this past weekend as he installed one of his vibrantly hand painted and uniquely serigraphed wood panels in a Bro...
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Posted Jun 23, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

5 new amazing Brooklyn artists added to Fiercely Curious!!

A wise man once told me there are an infinite number of artists in the world. Which I suppose then makes us like Georg Cantor the mathematician who invented set theory and explored the idea that so...
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Posted Jun 18, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

George Plionis & His Beautiful Hand Made Jewelry

George Plionis makes art in the form of jewelry. His work is stunning and beautiful and he has a show coming up so we took a trip to his studio to get the inside scoop for you!
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Posted Jun 13, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

Fiercely Curious Artists at Bushwick Open Studios

This coming weekend is Bushwick Open Studios! There are three current Fiercely Curious artists representing and one soon to join our roster of talent who will be showing their latest work!
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Posted May 28, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

New! Micaela Walker's Framed Photos from Scotland

We have some new uniquely framed pieces by Micaela Walker from her Scotland collection! The stunning and stark images of Scotland have been printed with archival pigment on fine art paper and each ...
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Posted May 27, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

Van Leeuwen Vinyls - Adam spins some Ray Charles & talks filmmaking

You never know how awesome people are unless you talk to them right? In this installment of Van Leeuwen Vinyls we caught up with Adam and found out about his awesome kickstarter movie. Read on for ...
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Posted May 15, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

Art fest weekend - a sneak peek at Pulse & Frieze

It's raining and it's gloomy. But luckily there's great art this weekend - Frieze and Pulse are both going on right now. We took a look around and here's a little something to whet your appetite...
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Posted May 09, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

An Adventure in Hand Printing Our Own Business Cards

The spirit of Fiercely Curious is celebrating creative hand-made local art. So when it came time to make business cards we decided to not follow the traditional path and instead do something a litt...
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Posted May 08, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

Our first Fiercely Curious Pop Up gallery show!

We did it!! A massive thank you to everyone who came out to show their support for our first ever pop-up gallery show. The event was HOT! Newscasters, critics, artists, writers, actors, photographe...
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Posted Apr 29, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

Go West Young Man... to the Invisible Dog

Our favorite local neighborhood art space The Invisible Dog is hosting an awesome exhibit right now A Marriage: 2 (West-er). The show ends tomorrow (Sat 12th) so get moving! We caught up with Jake ...
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Posted Apr 11, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

Our First Ever Pop-up Gallery Show - April 25th & 26th

We're proud to announce that we're hosting our inaugural art show in Gowanus on Friday, April 25th & Saturday, April 26th. 12 artists, 2 days. We're hustling to make this thing great. You'll jo...
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Posted Apr 08, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

Don't Call It A Comeback, Baby

Hello and welcome! We launched Fiercely Curious 4 weeks ago with an initial crew of 6 artists. It's exciting to announce that today we're doubling the number of artists on the site to 12. Don't cal...
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Posted Apr 02, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

Behind the Artwork: Ai's Ink Blocks

We first met Ai at the Gowanus Open Studios event last year and instantly fell in love with her work. The elemental inks and bone-inspired works really excited us. We're super excited today to add ...
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Posted Mar 31, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

VAN LEEUWEN VINYLS- A Classic Saturday with Allison

Nothing like an early 1970s Beatleg (a Beatles bootleg) for a rainy day wrapped around your book. Today we found Allison, barista at Van Leeuwen humming along to Sweet Apple Trax (a double album of...
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Posted Mar 29, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

VAN LEEUWEN VINYLS - Mark spins Yo La Tengo

It's been a few weeks since our last Van Leeuwen Vinyls post but it was sunny enough today for us to step into our favorite local coffee shop, grab an iced coffee and see what was playing.
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Posted Mar 21, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

Why you should buy art

Why should you buy art from Fiercely Curious? Why not buy a $20 poster from Fab.com and slap it in an IKEA frame? Sure, and you can buy your coffee at Dunkin Donuts too if you want.
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Posted Mar 20, 2014 by Tom Critchlow


We talk to Chris Fondulas - filmmaker and photographer about his Kickstarter film on a gluten free mobster and his Brooklyn photo series.
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Posted Mar 18, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

Behind the artwork: Jake's Domino Factory

The Domino Factory is an imposing structure looming over the Brooklyn waterfront. It's due to be demolished but serves as an iconic piece...
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Posted Mar 14, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

Beautiful handmade Gowanus Furniture Company Cutting Boards

Beautiful. Decadent, strong, long lasting…and USEFUL. I first came across Pete Raho’s, Gowanus Furniture Co. when I caught myself droo...
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Posted Mar 13, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

Documenting our first delivery

Someday we'll look back on the idea of delivering our local orders by hand as ridiculous and quaint. But right now it feels like an impor...
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Posted Mar 12, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

David Silver - A Story About Flags

The inspiration for David's flags can from the observation of the immediate aftermath of 9/11: "Newspapers printed flags for people to c...
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Posted Mar 11, 2014 by Tom Critchlow


If you don’t know of Pioneer Works….well, you should. Imagine a dilapidated decrepit shithole of a building right on the waterfront in Re...
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Posted Mar 10, 2014 by Tom Critchlow


I met Kanik just a few times, but had the opportunity to visit his studio, get inspired, share a few laughs and to luckily enough, collec...
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Posted Mar 10, 2014 by Erin Przekop

Fiercely Curious is Open for Business

Let us tell you a story. It's a story about art, Brooklyn and friendship. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin. Why Art? Why Bro...
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Posted Mar 10, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

Snowy Red Hook

The first time I went to Red Hook the owner of the now closed Wine + Likker explained to me: "We like to call Red Hook the Louisiana of N...
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Posted Mar 10, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

In Conversation With: Mac Premo

One of the founding themes for Fiercely Curious is local art and local artists. Well it doesn't get much more local than The Invisible Do...
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Posted Mar 10, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

Van Leeuwen Vinyls - Mark & Alice pick Magnolia Electric Co

Something magical is happening already with our Van Leeuwen Vinyls series - the kind and remarkable baristas are talking about us. People...
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Posted Mar 10, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

Van Leeuwen Vinyls - Another Cameron Spins some Youth Lagoon

One of my favorite quotes about Coffee: “Coffee is a way of stealing time that should by rights belong to your older self.” - Terry Pratc...
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Posted Mar 10, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

Attention Artists: Upcycled art supplies now on sale at TurnUp

"A poor workman blames his tools" - ancient Chinese proverb Well that's all fine and dandy but you know what? You gotta use something to...
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Posted Mar 10, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

VAN LEEUWEN VINYLS: Cameron spins Related by Gayngs

Grind. Click. Shoop. Steam. Whistle. Pour. Drink. Skip. Coffee. Before that delectable substance even hits my bloodstream, I can alread...
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Posted Mar 10, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

Trip Report: Nectar of the Gods in Savannah, GA

Bees. Magical creatures of delectable deliciousness. Unfortunately they may soon be extinct. So any time I get to taste some local honey ...
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Posted Mar 10, 2014 by Tom Critchlow

Fiercely Curious in Brooklyn

All good ideas start as a casual conversation between friends, and this idea is no different. We realized our friends had a magnetic desi...
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Posted Mar 10, 2014 by Tom Critchlow