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Fiercely Curious is an online art & design collective based in Brooklyn.

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5 new amazing Brooklyn artists added to Fiercely Curious!!
A wise man once told me there are an infinite number of artists in the world. Which I suppose then makes us like Georg Cantor the mathematician who invented set theory and explored the idea that some infinities are larger than others.

Like Georg, we've been trawling through the infinite, looking for the unique and we think we've found them. Or at least a few more of the good ones! We're incredibly excited to welcome 5 new Brooklyn artists to the Fiercely Curious family and we're madly in love with them all:

Dan Wonderly

Come look at the world through Dan's lens for a minute - obsess over the tiny details and the overlooked pieces of life.
CAR #1 - 12 x 16 Inches - Archival Photographic Pigment Print - $200
FULTON FERRY LANDING 03 - 12 x 18 Inches - Photographic pigment print - $300

Susan Weinthaler

Another artist from the impeccable Invisible Dog Arts Center just around the corner from us, Susan uses three dimensional magnetized objects on a steel canvas to produce works that can be re-imagined & infinitely re-configured. Her installations are bold and stunning. And yes they involve magnets, so of course we love them.
Waltz - inquire for pricing

Gun Roze

Gun already feels like part of the Fiercely Curious family - he has already collaborated with some of our other photographers and we're proud today to showcase not only his current street photography but also his photo shoot of NYC in 1982 documenting the ordinary and the wonderful.
FUNKY GIRLS, WEST VILLAGE, NYC 1982 - 11 x 14 Inches - Archival Print -$500

William Suran

Where to begin with William? The part where he hasn't shown his art to anyone for 14 years or the fact that he creates obsessively detailed renderings of peonies in his apartment? Well, easier I suppose to let his work do the talking...
DEMON 10 - 12 x 16 Inches - $3,000

Shane Neufeld

An architect by trade, Shane is comfortable breaking down walls (see what we did there?..) - and his work captivated us immediately with it's vibrant use of color, form and the way he is able to cross over disciplines. Layering paint, vectors and more paint and more vectorized lines we're featuring his Digital Archetypes series as well as his Shear Space oil painting series.
DIGITAL ARCHETYPE 4 - 24 x 18 Inches - Archival Ink and Enamel on Paper - $800
UNTITLED DIPTYCH 01 - 48 x 72 Inches - Oil on canvas - $4,000

Bonus! A new series from Micaela Walker

Oh and as if that's not enough for you we have a new summer series from our talented photographer Micaela Walker just in time for the NYC summer.
SAIRE IN GOGGLES, WAYNE, PA - Archival Print - 8 x 10 Inches - $150

Browsing? You Got It

By the way - we're hard at work ensuring the site works on all your pocket computers out there and tweaking how the site loads. Today we're putting live a new, easier way to browse the art on the site. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Much love, as always
Erin & Tom x

Tom Critchlow

Co-founder and hustler. @tomcritchlow

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