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What it takes to make a whitewash elm coffee table

Robert Sukrachand loves simplistic style.  He has created the Whitewash Elm Coffee Table specifically to celebrate the natural beauty of a cut of wood and has designed a sleek and subtle base to ground the slab elegantly. We'd like to show you just how much fun one Manhattan woman had when she added Bobby's coffee table to her Fiercely Made basket.



Fiercely Made email: "Thanks! We love you! And most of all this table is gonna rock your world ...because YOU get to interact with the maker and select the cut of wood that makes your heart sing!"

Manhattan client: "Cool. I am so ready to have my world rocked....let's get started!"

Off Bobby went on a road trip to the lumber yard - sending a few photos of slab options to the client. Happily she selected the one that resonated most with her taste and that best fit her space.

And so the fun begins...


Select a slab, bring out it's character, then make a super sweet base!


This is a crotch slab of English Elm which will be treated, planed smooth by hand, sealed and finally coated with a whitewash finish to bring out the beautiful characteristics of the wood grain.



All the while, the subtle joinery work begins on the base of the coffee table which is made of walnut and is ebonized.

Here's a little image board of Robert's craft- a hand cut lap joint!



The process for a hand cut lap joint: Precision is the key to a superbly snug fit!

1) Scribe one component to the other with a knife, then pare back to that line with a chisel.

2) Freehand router away the waste area, being careful to stay away from the line.

3) Chisel to the line for a clean fit



Too much information?? All you really wanted was to buy was a coffee table! Well, we can make your life just that easy - click to buy here. We'll take care of all of the work and deliver your special item right into your home.



Celebrate craft. Appreciate the unique. Surround yourself with things that were made just for you! It will be our pleasure!


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