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Fiercely Curious is an online art & design collective based in Brooklyn.

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Fiercely Curious Artist and Sculptor, Ian Trask has an incredible solo exhibition coming up at the eponymous Invisible Dog Art Center this March 7- April 11th!
He's been working on this for months now and has even gotten a residency at Dustin Yellin's stunning Pioneer Works to house this large piece as he builds it.
As Ian's work asks us to question the trash that we create and how we can so easily wash our hands of it once it's discarded, this pieces serves as a reflection of what life will look like through the lens of our discards.
He will be creating walls of the transparent plastic materials that have been used by us - pre packaged containers for salad, fresh berries, light bulbs and even egg containers called blisterpacks. For months, we've been collaboratively saving and collecting all of our bisterpacks and have been dropping them off in the various collection stations (one being at The Invisible Dog Art Center and another at Brooklyn Boulders Climbing Gym). Being crowd sourced shows how much we all consume of these materials that are normally not easily recyclable and often times makes a b-line straight for the landfill.
Well, this trash is getting out of hand and Ian's looking for some help in wrangling it all in to complete this stunning work for his March exhibition. Apart from delivering him your trash, he's created a Kickstarter campaign that is super cool as you get a work of art made by Ian Trask with just a small donation! We showed our support and we hope you will too!
Check it out here: BLISTER PACT
Rumor has it there will be some live musical performances within the BLISTER PACT at the Invisible Dog Exhibition!
Expect to hear these bands rock out in the installation March 13/14th! Trabajo The Use, The Sk OrchestraFates and 
Sun Castle!
Come on out and show your support March 7th (opening) - April 11th!
And don't forget to check out Ian's awesome Kickstarter...art prints, seed bombs and light bulb molds can be yours!
All photo credits: Daniella Engen
Thanks Ian for continuing to make such compelling work!
xx E&T

Co-founder and creative spirit for Fiercely Curious

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