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George Plionis & His Beautiful Hand Made Jewelry
George Plionis makes art in the form of jewelry. His work is stunning and beautiful and he has a show coming up so we took a trip to his studio to get the inside scoop for you!

Details of the show:

Fitzgerald Jewelry
174 N 11th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
Opening June 20th
But if you can’t come for a look on the night, it runs till August 29

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George's Work

Dylan (brooch), Photographer: Mariano Garcia and Stylist: Ellen Schiavone Pande-Rolfsen
Lost in the Woods Part #1, Materials: London Blue Topaz, Tourmaline, Citrine, Silk, Sterling Silver

In Conversation with George

Erin: What are you curious about?

George: Gosh, I’m curious about a whole lot of stuff….but I guess the thing that is making me tick a the moment is how to work to create a space where I can collaborate with different artist, designers and craftspeople creating a space that is inspirational and see now interdisciplinary cross pollination might look and how it might impact community. I think process is so important and the use of ones hands and fingerprints on each object makes each thing so special.
Erin: Describe your work and describe your process.

George: Over the last 20 years, I ran my own jewelry practice and it was bench heavy. I moved specifically to the US with a mind to really change the way I work. I decided I was done with the ‘craft’ of making but after moving here, ‘it’ decided it wasn’t done with me. The importance of laying hands upon the material and crafting an object has become evident that I absolutely must be engaged with this process. For me the craft is an enquiry into who I am and what makes me tick. “I make therefore I am’ has been following me around for years. I think new ways of work have been something that I’m very curious about, working with individuals on projects that are beautiful conversation. The outcomes aren’t always expected and I think this is a great way of working and thinking so that we are able to develop at a tangent. Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes, I guess the trick is to be open in that moment so that you are able to really see it and engage with it. We have become so disengaged with what is going on around us and so into what is on our phone that the world is living and we’re not noticing it…..how amazing to create work where people see the world in a whole new way.
Erin: How did you choose Mariposa (Butterfly in Spanish) for the name of your show?

George: In a specific cultural context, the word ‘Mariposa’ has dual meaning, butterfly and gay. It’s this subtext that has particular significance for this body of work. The hidden meaning creates another space in which to explore the duality of the pieces. We need not identify with one gender in relation to the work. Rather, the aim of the work invites us to ‘try gender on’, and as a result just be with the work, regardless of who we are and how we ordinarily see ourselves.

Erin: You make highly intricate pieces. How many hours have you logged on any given piece?

George: I have given up counting….I know that the butterfly necklace which is the piece on the invitation has taken a couple of months to make, and it is completely precious material free….I love the preciousness of it and its all about the time that it takes rather than the materials that are being used. Nearly all of the work is like this, all time consuming and almost meditative in the manufacture…..well kind of, probably not when things aren’t quite going the way I want them to.
Erin: Tell us about what you are currently working on for the show.

George: I’m currently collaborating on a piece with my husband. His practice is in zero waste in fashion and we’ve collaborated before on pieces. This is the first time I’ve asked him to come over into my arena to play so let's just say its new territory. I’d love to give you a few images but we’re in the throws of getting this thing on the road. Actually at the moment, there are about 5 different projects all going on at once….moments of complete clarity mixed absolute terror. What would world be without the dichotomy?

Erin: Your choice of materials often borders on fragility and impermanence. Why?

George: The fragility of the works, through their materials and techniques, questions the expectation of longevity placed on jewelry. It goes beyond ‘throwing’ a piece of jewelry on that is there purely for adornment purposes and is rarely acknowledged by the wearer, only if a by passer makes comment does the wearer enter into a dialogue of ‘what they have on’. This work, by its intrinsic nature, creates a conversation that is based not only on its adornment but also on the safety of the work. It’s wildly entertaining to make work that questions semi-permanence of what historically has been so permanent, and will have longevity solely based on the owner’s inclination.
Erin: You are collaborating with some very talented artists for your upcoming show. Tell us about them and how the collaborations came to fruition.

George: The process of jewelry making can be insular and isolated and yet, if we are honest with ourselves, we are inspired and influenced by others and our environments. Working on an island is not how any work is realized. My collaborations look specifically at exploring interdisciplinary relationships with seemingly disparate practitioner’s to discover how cross pollination of craft and design principals can affect the design process and see what form the outcome might take.

The individuals I collaborated with to realize ‘Mariposa’ have been chosen not because of their outstanding creativity, skills and talents nor that they are part of my international community; it came down to their answer to the simple question, ‘Do you want to play?’

Erin: What would your budget-less dream be?

George: Wow, how would that look? I think to be able to move seamlessly within the world and collaborating with different artists, craftspeople and designers. Working together on exhibitions and shows, developing an international community of artisans where we share and inspire each other to create new works to move, touch and inspire communities around us. In this time of technology and seemingly machine made everything, lets bring back the art of making with our hands and creating an environment around us that we are an integral part of.

Erin: Any other details or info we should share about your show?

George: Come and see it for yourselves - a wine and a chat is always worth a look in isn’t it?

Fitzgerald Jewelry
174 N 11th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
Opening June 20th
But if you can’t come for a look on the night, it runs till August 29

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Looking forward to seeing you all.
Georgi x
Thanks to George for taking the time to let us take some photos and do a Q&A and thanks to Michael for opening his doors for us! We'll see you on June 20th at the show!
E & T x

Tom Critchlow

Co-founder and hustler. @tomcritchlow

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