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Design Sponge, Demons and Dandelions

You may have met William Suran. He's a talented Fiercely Curious painter who's been slowly churning out hours and hours of laboriously intricate layered watercolors. He has also received some stellar press lately and we're so glad that his dreamy work has been discovered and celebrated by the infamous Design Sponge - here!

Bill goes crazy for these peonies - we mean sleep deprived insanity to capture the essence of his subjects that he painstakingly photographs well into the wee hours of the morning:

"Currently, I make watercolors from photographs that I take of peonies. In May and June I don't sleep much as I shoot photos in my apartment after the sun goes down from 9 to 3am every evening."

His studies are then arranged and rearranged until he creates his desired compositions. Only then does the meticulously surgical brushwork even begin.

Here's a peek into Bill's history:

William Suran was born in Chicago and attending the Kansas City Art Institute at age 18 where he studied painting, drawing and printmaking. Bill has had an avid interest in old dead guy paintings, drawings and prints since he was a kid and has spent a lot of time in museums.

We met a wonderful printer who had us convinced he could capture the delicate strokes of Bill's work into archival prints. We selected a superb cotton rag paper (a quality we'd love to say is American made, but Germany's expert here). The result - a stunning series of artist proofs have been signed and archivally framed using only the best UV plexi glass to make sure these prints maintain the soft and subtle tones that Bill worked so hard to achieve.

Demon 9 Print, and Demon Draw Print.

You can find Bill's original works here: Fiercely Curious. (Or even better, come a studio visit to his lovely space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn).

Email us here: hello@fiercelycurious.com - we'll take you there!

And Bill's prints (framed or unframed) can viewed in person and purchased at the lovely Dandelion Wine on 153 Franklin St. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where they will be on view until the end of February!

And we just added two freshly painted works by Bill for your eyes only!
Demon 14
So come take a peek at his peonies...springtime is just around the corner when you're surrounded by Bill's dreamy Demons.

Thanks, Dandelion Wine and Design Sponge for loving William Suran's work as much as we do!



Co-founder and creative spirit for Fiercely Curious

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