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Fiercely Curious is an online art & design collective based in Brooklyn.

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Oil. Metal. Film. THREE new Fiercely Curious artists!
Oil. Metal. Film.

Scouring Brooklyn for our newest additions to Fiercely Curious, we sought the special, the unique and most of all, the memorable. Oh, we found them!

Introducing our three newest members to Fiercely Curious:

Rebecca Norton

Affine geometry meets color. Color meets meticulous lines. Meticulous lines create order. Order defines time and space. Space gets lost in infinity... and beyond!

Somewhere in this infinite space, Rebecca has managed to trap bits of oil (hand mixed oils on canvas) and most recently with transparencies (vinyl on glass)!

We discovered Rebecca through Bushwick's Open Studios last summer and have since gotten intertwined and entangled in her studies of objects and experimentations in space and time. You may have seen her pop up in our most recent launch event for Fiercely Made. Get lost in Rebecca's geometric, timeless world here:
Rebecca Norton - Ballard a safari - 13.5 x 88 inches
Rebecca Norton - Early morning encounters - vinyl on glass - 30 x 36 Inches

TJ Volonis

Copper is known it to be a conductor of heat and electricity as well as a building material. In TJ's world, he reimagines this element that is largely hidden from view and brings it into the spotlight with his explorations of geometric patterns and his dynamic studies of sliced tree trunks.

TJ's knowledge of this material was fascinating- to hear about how he can trap in the warm pink color, or allow the patina, (copper's natural aging process and protective layer) to come through. This metal's molecular bond realigns itself when heated so he can work the metal over and over again without it becoming brittle and breaking. Well, we are realigning ourselves to put TJ's magical work front and center in our world.
TJ Volonis - Stump Speech #4 - 26" high x 29" wide
TJ Volonis - Progression, digression - 20.5" high x 26" wide

Caitriona Gallagher

Born in Ireland, raised between Paris and Connecticut and spending most of her university years between Dublin and Shanghai, Caitriona is a true nomad. Medium format film is her style and she has captured rolls and rolls of stunning film throughout her travels.

We've been lucky enough to share the first photographic prints of her series from Caitriona's travels in Huangshan, China. Landscape photography has never been so ethereal, dreamlike, nuanced and timeless....or perhaps from another time. One that we want to find. Catch Caitriona's work here while you can!

Thank you to Rebecca, TJ and Caitriona for being a part of the Fiercely Curious adventure. We can't wait to showcase their work in our upcoming pop-up shows soon! And remember, if you see something you like and want to schedule a studio visit just get in touch: hello@fiercelycurious.com

Thanks, xxE&T

Tom Critchlow

Co-founder and hustler. @tomcritchlow

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