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Who We Are

Fiercely Curious is an online art & design collective based in Brooklyn.

We believe in connecting directly with the artists and designers.

Triple Threat ring
Triple Threat ring
by Oblik Atelier

Medium: 14k gold plated brass

Size: 5/8" x 3/4" approximately


Hand formed brass with 14k gold plating.

Sizes upon request.

5/8" x 3/4" approximately (each piece is hand made and varies slightly in size).

Email us here for custom designs by Oblik Atelier:

Please note there is always a slight variance to each piece as they are all handmade by Mia herself in her Prospect Heights, Brooklyn studio. 

All pieces are custom made, so please allow 2 weeks for shipping unless we have it in stock.

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Oblik Atelier
About Oblik Atelier
Mia Hebib is a Bosnian born, Croatian raised jeweler and the force behind Oblik Atelier. Mia's appealing designs flirt with fashion and sculpture, but her feminine sensibility allows each of her designs to be comfortable to the wearer.

Her exploration into the durability of brass and the beauty and refinement of gold, led her to create a series called, The Brass Band - The Golden Years.

We're so pleased to be offering you a selection of her necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings that will just make you feel like today's the day to add a little flare to... read more
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