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Fiercely Curious is an online art & design collective based in Brooklyn.

We believe in connecting directly with the artists and designers.

Segments 3
Segments 3
Segments 3
Segments 3
Segments 3
by Dael Oates


"All of my life l’ve been oddly fascinated by power line towers, among other things. These dormant, tall standing structures that guard the outskirts of our towns and cities and hold in their metallic limbs the very life blood of modern existence. Electricity. Such a thing to protect, the veins that deliver life to our cities. As a young boy I would imagine these structures as fearsome metallic creatures, waiting patiently for their metal and wooden limbs to animate to life into War of the Worlds-like beasts, using against us the very electricity we entrusted them with. Later, when in my late teens I acquired my first camera, I was drawn to photograph them. I began to understand these structures as modern day aquifer-like structures that, like the Roman relics, have become our symbol of progress. Will these structures be revered as relics too one day?

Segments, explores this intersection of the natural environment and humanity. The human mark and our ability to completely transform the serene to something somewhat science fiction. This is somewhat a celebration of these monuments that create futuristic landscapes. These metal giants, standing guard in the landscape, carrying humanities most dependent resource of this age. Strangely these structures are keeping us alive. My use of colour is pronounced. The florescent hues and colour manipulation electrify these structures to another fictional place, taking what could be bleak and making something beautiful, something alive." - Dael Oates


Edition Size 20 (total)

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Dael Oates
About Dael Oates
Coming from Sydney, Australia, Dael Oates is a photographer and film maker. Dael travels the world for his projects and constantly explores the varied landscapes of the world around him. His photography channels an abstract view of the urban and natural spaces that surround us.

Dael studied art and photography at the Queensland College of Art and now tells stories through moving images, writing and directing films both for art and for commerce. His photographic works have mostly been about an observation of the world and the intersection of nature and the built environment, through a twisted... read more
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