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Who We Are

Fiercely Curious is an online art & design collective based in Brooklyn.

We believe in connecting directly with the artists and designers.

Meet our Artists
& Designers


Ai Campbell

Born in Osaka, Japan, Ai trained in oil painting at the Kyoto College of Art and Design. In 2013 you may have seen Ai’s work at “Select Fair Miami” at the Rush Arts Gallery in Florida, SPARKBOOM’s “Post No Bills”... Read More >>

Alexa Williams

Alexa Williams is a native New Yorker whose focus has largely been on abstract landscape painting over the last dozen years. Currently however, she is exploring more abstract territory with the use of construction materials such as cement, chalk and... Read More >>

Cecelia Rembert

Cecelia Rembert is a visual artist who's work explores the human act of painting as sign, story and metaphor.

Her work is featured in several recent shows, including the Brucennial in 2014, and Life on Mars Gallery... Read More >>

Chris Klapper & Patrick Gallagher

Chris Klapper and Patrick Gallagher are a husband and wife duo who each have established their own artistic careers, they joined forces in 2010 and haven't looked back ever since.

This duo's first collaborative piece titled, Symphony in... Read More >>

Crystal Gregory

Fearlessly exploring a variety of materials, Crystal Gregory's artistic voice resonates through the usage of lace and concrete, glass and solder, cyanotype prints and cast glass. Crystal was granted a Full Merit Scholarship to attend The School of the Art... Read More >>

Dael Oates

Coming from Sydney, Australia, Dael Oates is a photographer and film maker. Dael travels the world for his projects and constantly explores the varied landscapes of the world around him. His photography channels an abstract view of the urban and... Read More >>

Dan Wonderly

Born in Bogota and raised in Indiana, DUMBO- based artist Dan Wonderly has been living and working in Brooklyn for nearly eight years, specializing in fine art portrait and still photography. Finding the unnoticed, the overlooked, the easily missed minutia... Read More >>

Dana James

Dana James, born and raised in Manhattan is a Bushwick based artist who's current body of work references Americana - subtle suggestions of swimming pools, hammocks and television sets from suburbia. This serves as an interpretation of a life that... Read More >>

David Silver

David was born in Washington DC, in high-school he failed art twice.

He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Download his full CV here. Read More >>

Edward Granger

Native to Louisiana, Edward Granger has covered the streets and walls of New York with his vibrant vision.

Leaning on his background in architecture, Edward applies a fluid and spontaneous energy in his structural works. Thinking in... Read More >>

Emily Church

Whether working with vibrant inks on paper or rich oils on rabbit skin glue covered linen, Emily Church's modern vision resonates through her classic tools and techniques. Originally from Kentucky, Emily received her Master's Degree from the New York Studio... Read More >>

Glitch Textiles

Brooklyn based artist and designer, Phillip David Stearns is founder and creator the stunning weaves behind Glitch Textiles. These woven throws are not only cozy (we own one!), but they create subtle structures of our digital reality into intimate, tactile... Read More >>

Ian Trask

Ian’s visual art has been displayed in the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Recession Art, the Wassaic Project, Bertrand Delacroix Gallery, Bushwick Open Studios and DUMBO Arts Festival to name a few. In 2007 he took a temporary job as a hospital... Read More >>

Jake Wallace

Jake Wallace is a New York-based artist and printmaker. Born in Queens and a Brooklyn resident for the past 14 years, Jake has witnessed many changes to the city landscape, including new development, the destruction of neighborhood landmarks, and the... Read More >>

Jeremy Willis

Born in New Orleans, Jeremy’s academy style training led him to create his very first oil painting at the age of 12. At age 16, Jeremy was obsessed with Manet and Caravaggio. He received his MFA at The University of... Read More >>

Lucas Moran

Lucas was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and started his career covering the city in graffiti. At the age of 18, he started working with oils in his father's studio in Gowanus in the 90s when crack and hookers... Read More >>

Maeve D'Arcy

Maeve's mark-making practice began well before she completed her Masters Degree at Central St Martins in London. Throughout her youth, Maeve felt compelled to use repetitive forms to fill spaces which as of late are an exploration of dualities; chaos... Read More >>

Matilde Alessandra

Born in Italy, Alessandra studied Theater Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and subsequently spent several years in London creating sets and displays.

Working with light for 15 years she has been building a reputation for... Read More >>

Micaela Walker

Born and raised in Manhattan, Micaela left briefly to pursue photography at the Rhode Island School of Design. She studied abroad at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, which would spark the first of many return trips collecting vibrant... Read More >>

Sara Lynn Sterling

Sara Lynn Sterling is a Brooklyn-based artist. She grew up outside of Kansas City where she developed a passion for photography through art classes early on. Sara Lynn captures the subtle beauty in life’s everyday patterns and light’s ability to enhance... Read More >>

Sara Mejia Kriendler

Having studied at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Sara continued her education at the School of Visual Arts where she received her Master's of Fine Arts. She was awarded the Paula Rhodes Memorial Award and received a fellowship with A.I.R.... Read More >>

Susan Weinthaler

Susan makes “Bits”, which are small unique objects outfitted with a magnet on the back. They can exist as their own independent work of art, for they are really quite lovely all by themselves, but Bits are intended to be... Read More >>

TJ Volonis

We first met TJ at Gowanus Open Studios - showing his copper furniture and artwork. Intricately designed and with a geometric eye TJ creates bold functional art.

But don't be fooled by the strong geometric angular nature... Read More >>

William Suran

William Suran was born in Chicago in 1974. He lived there until attending the Kansas City Art Institute at age 18 where he studied painting, drawing and printmaking. Bill returned to Chicago and later moved to Brooklyn in 2003 where... Read More >>

Annie Raso

Annie went to SUNY New Paltz to study art, but soon discovered that it was woodworking that she loved as it was the perfect blend of math, science, physics, art, design, mechanics, and functionality. We absolutely love her little ring... Read More >>

Art of Plants

Having read an article on steam bending, Jenny decided to give it a go with a wooden ruler she found in her home over a lobster steamer pot in the kitchen. After breaking it, and subsequently many more rulers, Jenny... Read More >>

Au Retour

Emily Diehl is an artist turned maker. With an education in printmaking and painting, an MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Tufts University and having worked in interior design, it's no surprise that Emily... Read More >>

Bespoke Glass

How many hours does it take to become master of one skill?

With an education in glass blowing and sculpture from Alfred University and learning to cut sheet glass in Portland, Lesley Green can do just about whatever she... Read More >>

Billy Ray Morgan

Growing up in a family of metal and woodworkers, Bill Ray Morgan incorporates his maker/builder background, his former career in fashion, and his art practice in developing innovative, artistic, and unique furniture pieces. After more than ten years working in... Read More >>

Black Table Studio

Carlos Meza graduated from La Javerina University in Bogota, Colombia and holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Pratt Institute in New York City. During and after his post-graduate studies, Carlos has focused on theory and practice of generative digital... Read More >>

BTW Ceramics

Seeing a lump of clay as having endless possibilities, Brooke is seeping with creativity. We met on one hot and sticky day while Brooke was working happily away, not a complaint in the world about the heat in her Greenpoint,... Read More >>

Chelsea Miller

There is nothing better than seeing a girl get down and dirty with some heavy duty machinery. This sweetest lass is quite comfortable with heat (over 1,000 degrees of heat to be precise) as she was raised by a blacksmith... Read More >>

Colleen & Eric

Colleen & Eric are masters of craft and masters of humor. Building a playful twist into all of their pieces they still maintain the highest quality.

They work predominantly with locally sourced materials out of their Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY... Read More >>


Inspired by all that is around him in Brooklyn, Daniel finds no material safe from his reach. He will happily explore anything that peeks his curiosity. Clever solutions to simplistic pieces, each of Daniel's designs gives you a taste of... Read More >>

Dosia Sanford

Dosia Sanford treats each of her weaves like a work of art. Her skilled application of paint to the warp prior to weaving each piece requires patience, practice and a love for the unpredictable nature of dyes. She's nailed this process... Read More >>

Glitch Textiles

Brooklyn based artist and designer, Phillip David Stearns is founder and creator the stunning weaves behind Glitch Textiles. These woven throws are not only cozy (we own one!), but they create subtle structures of our digital reality into intimate, tactile... Read More >>


From biking as a child, to commuting to college in Portland, Oregon, Thomas Callahan left his art handling profession to pursue his bike obsession. By trial and error, he taught himself to weld and create frames from scratch. That was... Read More >>

Ian Von Miller

Ian is a badass and super hero. We have a soft spot for all our makers but especially for Ian since he is the genius behind the "support your local maker" screenprint which spawned our whole line of merchandise. Super... Read More >>


Jennifer may have abandoned her honors pre-med program from the University of Delaware for creativity and clay, but she's not afraid to use her surgical tools for whittling her work to perfection in her Williamsburg, Brooklyn studio.

Not taking...

Noble Goods

Christopher having a background in sculpture and Molly's in styling has made Noble Goods a duo to be reckoned with. Their focus is on clean, colorful designs often with unique resin pours. Pay them a studio visit, and not only... Read More >>

Oblik Atelier

Mia Hebib is a Bosnian born, Croatian raised jeweler and the force behind Oblik Atelier. Mia's appealing designs flirt with fashion and sculpture, but her feminine sensibility allows each of her designs to be comfortable to the wearer.

Her...

Peg Woodworking

Kate hails from a Fine Arts background where she had a focus on sculpture. She started to build utilitarian pieces and found her stride mixing wood with hand woven elements. Kate taught herself Shaker style weaving on her first stool... Read More >>


Wood working has been a passed down through the generations in Christopher's family. Christopher now has tools from his great grandfather who lived and worked in Pittsburgh. Christopher's own style reflects back on time and history but takes a modern... Read More >>


Polt is a husband and wife studio of Erdem & Zeynep Eroglu - both Turkish space engineers turned crafters who make beautiful and meticulously designed leather wallets out of their Red Hook studio.

Utilizing the design skills he learned...

Reed Hansuld

Starting his career in wood working as a teenager, Reed has built almost anything from boats to kitchens, furniture, lighting, sculpture and more. Originally from Canada, Reed moved shop down to Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY.

Reed carries inspiration from...

Robert Sukrachand

Thoughtful and measured, Robert combines his photographic background with traditional woodworking to create a modern and sculptural furniture collection. His work is inspired by geometric abstraction, mathematics and the reflection of light so that all angles are considered under his... Read More >>

TJ Volonis

We first met TJ at Gowanus Open Studios - showing his copper furniture and artwork. Intricately designed and with a geometric eye TJ creates bold functional art.

But don't be fooled by the strong geometric angular nature... Read More >>

WrenLab Ceramics

Erin Banta Wilford of WrenLab Ceramics throws magnificent one-of-a-kind porcelain cylinders each with it's own quirky twist and turn.

She records the clay's interaction with her fingers with a signature spiralized pull. Erin creates a lovely series of nostalgic... Read More >>
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