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Who We Are

Fiercely Curious is an online art & design collective based in Brooklyn.

We believe in connecting directly with the artists and designers.

Cecelia Rembert

About Cecelia Rembert
Cecelia Rembert is a visual artist who's work explores the human act of painting as sign, story and metaphor.

Her work is featured in several recent shows, including the Brucennial in 2014, and Life on Mars Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, and John Davis Gallery in Hudson, NY, both in 2013. Rembert received a Masters in Fine Art at the New York Studio School in 2007, and a Bachelor of Arts from Smith College in 1998. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.
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In conversation with Cecelia Rembert

Erin: What are you curious about?

Cecelia: The beauty (and tragedy) of life, and how we embrace that, or not, in every moment.

Erin: Describe your art and describe your process.

Cecelia: Thinking about things in my life or in the world…painting what I think…scratching it off…thinking about it some more…painting it back in, a little different. Slowly building up an idea and a surface…or tearing them down, which is sort of the same thing.
Erin: If you could collaborate with absolutely anyone who would it be and what would it look like?

Cecelia: Well, there are so many great artists, great persons, I would love to sit in with. John Cage came to mind, for some reason. We are sort of unlikely collaborators but it would be a terrific experience.

Erin: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Cecelia: “No one asked you to be an artist”.

Cecelia showing us her work in her Carroll Gardens studio
Erin: We know you joined the Peace Corps and brought a dog back with you from the Dominican Republic. What’s the story behind that?

Cecelia: Oh, I was thinking about leaving her actually, I thought the transition to the US would be too difficult for her. But a few weeks before my departure she killed someone’s chicken. And I knew I had to take her, or she would be killed, or spend her whole life tied up. So off we went together.

Erin: Of all the books on the shelf behind you, what is the one that you can’t live with out?

Cecelia: Ha! So many good books. I treasure my Wallace Stevens, “The Palm at the End of the Mind”.
Erin: How do you make your space work for you and how important is the perfect setup?

Cecelia: The perfect setup would be lovely…but you've got to do something while you’re waiting for it to show up. So in the meantime I work in the second bedroom…

Erin: What color in your palette do you use up the fastest?

Cecelia: White.

Erin: Did you ever feel like giving up? Why didn’t you?

Cecelia: Sure, I give up often.
Cecelia's painting clogs