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Who We Are

Fiercely Curious is an online art & design collective based in Brooklyn.

We believe in connecting directly with the artists and designers.

Hold on Tight
Hold on Tight
Hold on Tight
Hold on Tight
Hold on Tight
Hold on Tight
Hold on Tight
Hold on Tight
Hold on Tight
by Colleen & Eric

Size: Length 41", Height 11", Depth 8"

Material: Offered in Beech, Walnut and Oak. Water based stain and all natural Shellac finish. Aluminum cube and wingnut powdercoated


A shelf with a difference.

What’s the average shelf-life of a shelf? Haha. No, but seriously. These shelves, hand crafted by Colleen and Erin in Bushwick raise the bar (haha. ok last pun we promise) for your shelving needs.

Playful and useful you simply align the objects on the shelf. Could be your collection of Roald Dahl books, world atlases or just some old CDs you’re saving for the apocalypse. Anyway, whatever it is you’re squirreling away on your shelf you can slide the twisty thing up to your items, quickly turn the screw and everything is in it’s place.


Simply the best handmade-playfyul-fun-useful-shelf in existence. If that’s your thing then go ahead and buy it.

See some making-of photos over here

Please allow up to 4 weeks for this piece to be made.

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Colleen & Eric
About Colleen & Eric
Colleen & Eric are masters of craft and masters of humor. Building a playful twist into all of their pieces they still maintain the highest quality.

They work predominantly with locally sourced materials out of their Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY studio and explore not only wood but metal and lighting too. Colleen & Eric are keen on making every day objects just that much more fun, useful and versatile- we're down with all of that!

Oh, and by the way they are winners of the NASA/Etsy SpaceCraft contest, an image of their Northstar Table was flown aboard the Space... read more
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