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Who We Are

Fiercely Curious is an online art & design collective based in Brooklyn.

We believe in connecting directly with the artists and designers.

Fiercely Curious - A Destination To Buy Brooklyn Art Online

(Press Release for immediate distribution.)

April 2nd, 2014 - Brooklyn, NY


Fiercely Curious is a new website curating local Brooklyn artists and selling their art online. First launched in March 2014 with 6 artists the site is today doubling the number of artists by bringing 6 more online.

The site was started by Erin Przekop & Tom Critchlow out of their Brooklyn apartment. Surrounded by talented artists who had a natural tendency to shy away from the limelight they decided to build a platform to provide exposure for local artists.

Stories are integral to the project and the site features bold photography and in depth biography pages for each artist to give a sense of the artist behind the work and the studio where they create their art.

How The Site Works

Erin Przekop functions as the site's curator and creative lead working to discover artists to showcase and promote on the site, taking all the photography and interviewing artists for their biographical content while Tom Critchlow handles all the technology, site development and marketing for the site.

The sale price is split with the artist with the majority going directly to the artist.

"With our fast paced lives, we are constantly devouring new and beautiful products - the latest and greatest. Consumerism is refined, sleek and fast paced. We want to compete with them, but offer up a product that makes your heart sing." - Erin Przekop

Studio Visits & Free Local Delivery

Because all the artists are based in Brooklyn it's possible to arrange a free studio visit with any of the artists on the site.

"We stand out from the competition by offering this personal human element. We had a strong desire to share what we knew of them…it’s not fair to keep these amazingly talented spirits bottled up for no one else to consume than us." - Tom Critchlow

So far all orders through the site have been local and have been hand-delivered by the founders personally using public transport. While they don't anticipate this to scale, it is a compelling offering for local collectors who want to know their purchase is being handled with care.

Gallery Event - April 25th 

Fiercely Curious has planned their first gallery show - opening reception is on Friday April 25th at 304 Bond St, Brooklyn where you will be able to meet the artists and see their work. The event will run 6-10pm. They will also be holding appointments during the day on Saturday April 26th.



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