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Who We Are

Fiercely Curious is an online art & design collective based in Brooklyn.

We believe in connecting directly with the artists and designers.

Beak Bracelet
Beak Bracelet
by Oblik Atelier


Hand formed brass, patina cuff bracelet

Approximate Size: 2" wide

Please note there is always a slight variance to each piece as they are all handmade by Mia herself in her Prospect Heights, Brooklyn studio. 

All pieces are custom made, so please allow 2 weeks for shipping unless you're lucky and we can send them right away!

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Custom Tile Murals


Patterned Tiles

Brooklyn-based artist Alexa Williams is the designer behind Wolf City Design. As both a painter and an installation artist who works with industrial materials, Alexa brings her fine art experience to the compositional decisions of Wolf City Design’s tile murals.

Alexa’s work references a sense of place and the tension between control and happenstance. Although she has worked in diverse media, she has found her practice with glazed ceramics to conflate her strengths of formal expressionism, her interests with material durability, and their presence in our everyday surroundings. All ceramic tiles are hand glazed in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
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