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Murals to Infinity and Beyond

Edward Granger truly hit the ground running this summer, starting with a mural done by himself with the help of a lovely Brooklyn community crew. Here's an interview with him telling us about a mural he created for a local school -

Taylor: Tell me a little bit about the background of the project. 

Edward: This spring, Public - Supply teamed up with me to bring some of my trademark color to their notebooks (and hands). A portion of proceeds from the collaboration funded a student mural painting project for Achievement First Middle School in Bushwick.  

 (Special thanks to Ronald K. Yeung + Public-Supply for sharing all of the photography of the school's mural in progress!)

Taylor: Did you go into this project with a design idea already in mind? If so, how did you come up with it?

Edward: My latest series of works are influenced by the Rubik's cube and manipulating the different angles and the "homage to the cube", as Josef Albers would say. I used the Rubik's cube as the foundation for the concept drawing and then created each square of the cube to be a "paint by color" for the kids to fill in.

Taylor: How old were the kids that you worked with?

Edward: They were middle school, 6-8th grade. 

Taylor: How was the experience as a whole?

Edward: I genuinely have a passion for teaching and inspiring younger kids about their expression and to continue the dialogue/conversation about art amongst everyone. The kids were engaging with me, but the best part was seeing their faces at the end when the tape was removed and the image was revealed. Their faces were in awe as they saw the final product that they had created with me.

Taylor: What was the inspiration behind doing this?

Edward: I think the beauty of art creates an aura or an energy for people to feel free and to create an atmosphere were kids want to learn. 

Taylor: How did you enjoy the experience and was it something you’d like to do again?

Edward: It's definitely something I will continue to do. I think it's important to inspire a younger generation of kids that want to learn and grow. 
In addition to this amazing project, Edward hit the streets of the Lower East Side to add something worth stopping for. His mural appears on the corner of Delancey and Allen street as a flood of color and geometric shapes in an otherwise bare area:
And finally, the cherry on top of this productive cake are Edward's plans to spread his positive paintings in a new area. As of July, Project Humanity will be sending him to Rusinga Island to help with art camps for schools and to empower the community as a whole. 

To help support Edward in his trip to Kenya, visit this link:

Go Fund Me - Ed's Kenya Trip

To help support the school, the notebook with the collaboration can be purchased here: Public - Supply 

Good luck to Edward on his future endeavors! We're excited to see what he thinks up next.

Ciao for now!


Taylor Burt

Creativity hunter for Fiercely Curious

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