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Let There Be Color - Studio Visit with Edward Granger

What brightens up your day more than a pop of color? Edward Granger's work masterfully combines a deep understanding of color with shapes and forms that beguile the eye from his architectural training. His pieces have such an intensity to them that they command your attention, and we took a trip into his studio to see what he's up to.

Starting out studying architecture in school, Edward produced art on the side that quickly got picked up by a gallery in New Orleans and started selling. From here, he went with the flow and started creating more art though the lines and shapes in each of his pieces reflect all the precision and skill of his architectural background. 

Typically, Edward starts with a grey canvas and builds on it with different colors. Starting with the darkest of his color of choice, he adds a dash of white with each layer leaving a finished product of shapes stacked upon each other ranging from lightest to darkest that seem to pop off the canvas, giving it an extra sense of dimension.

In recent works, Edward has gone one step further with this idea of stacking by adding a new material; colored paper.

"I like using materials that can be seen as paint when it's not. Plus, there's something nostalgic about working with colored paper."
He does this stacking so seamlessly that it requires a up-close view to distinguish between what area is made of what.

This stacking is not just applied to the surface of the canvas but also to its edges. As shown in his piece at the Architectural Digest Made show, Edward broke free by creating a more complex shape with the tessellation of triangular canvases. In newer works, he's kept with this theme by pushing past the limitations of your average canvas and adding shapes onto its sides, creating a form that makes your eye dance.

Edward shows no signs of slowing down with new projects already in motion. Not only will he be creating a mural at Achievement First, a charter school in Bushwick, but also will be exhibiting some of his new pieces at a gallery in East Hampton called The Fireplace Project starting June 11. Stay tuned!


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Update - the pieces Edward was working on when we visited are now finished and available:

Blue Code:

30 x 40 inches


Purple Code

30 x 40 inches



30 x 40 inches


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