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A Sit-Down with a Curious Collector

Walking into art collector and interior designer, Aliette Trelles's home, I was greeted by the world's fluffiest dog and the sound of acoustic music playing lightly in the background. The sunshine poured in through the windows of her impeccably styled and airy home. 

Growing up with two parents in architecture and her mom's added involvement in interior design, Aliette quickly fell into interior design herself. Her home serves not only as a testament to these years of acquired skill and knowledge of the field but also her own personal style, which includes more than just a few pieces from the artists of Fiercely Curious. Aliette was kind enough to sit down and chat with me about her growing collection and her own personal style.

Taylor: How did you begin to decorate your own home?

Aliette:  As an interior designer, I'm out there all the time shopping for my clients. In doing this, I come across things that I think will look good or could work within my space and end up buying them. I consider myself to be a collector of things as well as art so my home is collection of all of this. We just moved in here a year ago from a place on the Upper West Side and since then I think the amount of things I have collected has doubled. 

(Black & white prints in wood frames by Halsey Chait - stacked far left. Russian Doll Vases on left of shelf by WrenLab Ceramics)

Taylor: Why did you get into collecting art?

Aliette: I'd bought a few pieces of art but I don't think I would say I considered myself a true emerging art collector until my husband and I bought the piece that I have in the front. Now, every time I meet an artist I'm constantly being told of way I can collect art. Erin took me on a gallery visit to The Invisible Dog Art Center where I met the director, Lucien Zayan, who said, "a good art collector should collect a piece of art a week. It will speak of you and and your style once you have enough." Now I really think that my art collection is what defines my own personal style.

(Admit by Susan Weinthaler. Mirror & Glitter Bits on white powder coated steel)

Taylor: What pieces have you added to your home that you found through Fiercely Curious?

Aliette: I have two Halsey Chait pieces in my bedroom as well as one out here in the living room, the J*Double*U baby vase which I saw at one of the shows and absolutely had to have, a Susan Weinthaler piece in the front purchased from the Fiercely Curious Art Basel show, some WrenLab Ceramics pieces in my bathroom and also some of Ai Campbell's Orbs that I plan on getting more of and having creep down the wall.

(Heavens by Halsey Chait far left. Orbs by Ai Campbell mounted on wall and ceiling)

Taylor: If you had to describe your style, what would you say?

Aliette: I would say I have two separate styles; my work and my personal. My work style is more neutral and less playful than my own. If I had to describe it I would call it more minimal modern or organic modern. I think my own personal style is way more black and white driven and sort of quirky. 

(Triple Aperture Porcelain Baby Vase by J*Double*U)

Taylor: What advice would you give for people trying to decorate/style their own home?

Aliette: Ground your home first. Focus on the key pieces -- couch, table, bed, etc. -- if you're not good at color collaborations and don't already have a lot of stuff, stay neutral. It will allow you to begin collecting and growing your own personal style. By having neutral key pieces, you are able to experiment and go to those weird places through your stuff and art. Also, remember nothing is permanent and nothing has to be expensive. 

Taylor: Anything for people trying to collect art?

Aliette: Other than the advice that has been given to me, studio visits. If you have the chance to meet with the artist and do a studio visit, do it, It's worth it. It's my favorite thing about art purchasing and collecting.

Thanks again to Aliette for letting me into her wonderful space!

If you're interested in using Aliette's interior design services, please contact her directly at:

Act Studio
305 505 4899
Instagram: @act_studio

Ciao for now,



Taylor Burt

Creativity hunter for Fiercely Curious

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