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Making Information Sexy Again

Rob Base once said “it takes two to make a thing go right” and nothing serves as better proof of this than the married dream team, Chris Klapper and Patrick Gallagher.

Kāmasūtra 2016, 50H x 45W x 6D Inches. Resin, Neon, LED, Wood, Gold Anodized Aluminum.

Created to be unveiled at Architectural Digest's MADE Design show this past March, Chris and Patrick have taken on a large-scale representation of Kāmasūtra with different intent than most:

“Everyone thinks that Kāmasūtra is just the sex positions when really it’s a whole religion.” 

This information graph cleverly depicts when people most search online for the term, Kāmasūtra and as you might guess, steamy searches take place at night, when the temperature heats up in the summer months and of course, peaks during the lover's holiday, Valentine's Day.

Now...let's explore their process -

 This resin and neon lit piece, consists of 38 parts in total (depicting the chapters in the manual)  and puts in conversation the different elements of Kāmasūtra - the largest and main part representing what people think it is while the smaller pieces represent what it actually is.

Complete with neon light, this piece takes on a color scheme of pinks, greens and greys to keep with a theme of sensuality.

After explaining just how the industrial machine they used to precisely cut each resin circle works, the duo suits up in their facemasks and gloves before splitting to work on different aspects of the piece. Patrick works quickly inside the tented area to fill in the carved areas of the main circle in the piece with pigmented resin.

Outside the tent, Chris works on the creation of a new resin circle. The resin is measured out then placed in a degasser in order to get rid of any bubbles that could later appear once the resin is set. After this, the resin is poured evenly into a mold and any bubbles that still manage to remain are pulled out.

Once the piece of resin has been set, the two work together to get rid of any excess and smooth down the edges before adding it to their table of completed parts.

Spread in pieces amongst a table in their studio, the final product will stack the resin circles as well as the LED and neon lights upon each other creating a 3D structure that subtly illuminates the room.

Kāmasūtra 2016 (shown at AD MADE Design show).

To see this out of sight piece in all its finished glory, book a studio visit to Chris and Patrick's space in Bushwick Brooklyn: erin@fiercelycurious.com.




Taylor Burt

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