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16 Handles Williamsburg - a full store redesign

This is the story of our latest client, 16 Handles and how we worked with them to support local Brooklyn makers. It involves steam bent wood, resin pours and surfboards and it's by far our largest collaboration to date. Keep reading for photos and the full scoop...

Tom and I have been busy for the last three months designing, making and planning a new collaboration between Fiercely Made and 16 Handles in Williamsburg.

We're really proud of what we've achieved together - the final result is work from Noble Goods, Art of Plants and Wax / Surf Co to outfit the frozen yogurt store with a refined aesthetic and supports the work of local Brooklyn-based makers.

Thank you 16 Handles & thank you to our makers for producing beautiful work.

Act 1 - Flavor Jungle and Suspended Air Plant Window Arrangement by Art of Plants

The first piece you'll notice when you enter the store is this one-of-a-kind hanging sculpture from Jenny Wong Stanley of Art of Plants.

This steam bent wood ceiling hung sculpture spans over 16 feet and is made of 65 white oak pieces. It is hand painted and pyrographed with over 100 16 Handles frozen yogurt flavors and houses 20 air plants which are suspended throughout the sculpture. Jenny produced this striking custom piece for this retail store in her Red Hook, Brooklyn studio!

Air Plant Window Arrangements. Custom colored bent wood sculptures with air plants to catch the suns rays-

Act 2 - Resin Spoons, Swirls and Illuminated Panels by Noble Goods

Noble Goods produces furniture that looks delicious enough to eat. Pouring sustainable and environmental resin into hand crafted white oak custom designed furniture pieces for 16 Handles, these waterfall tables are inlaid with playful colored resin swirls.

A beautiful white oak round table perfect for sharing your frozen yogurt with friends in style!

Noble Goods created this long sleek countertop in white oak with a resin inlay that was expertly poured to look as if it's dripping off the side -

Swoops and swirls of dreamy colorful resin poured onto translucent back lit panels to celebrate the magical experience.

Act 3 - A Brooklyn Surfboard by Wax / Surf Co

Mike and Tyler from Wax / Surf Co produced this custom surfboard with a 16 Handles design! They even took a ride on the ferry to capture the photo on the board. Made just around the corner from the 16 Handles store in Williamsburg it doesn't get much more local than this!

Check it out for yourself!

Head on over to Williamsburg and see these wonderful Brooklyn-made creations for yourself. And maybe get a little frozen yogurt while you're at it?

16 Handles - N 7th and Bedford in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Process Photos!

Curious about how it all happened? Making of shots here.

Jenny working on and installing her piece Flavor Jungle -

Noble Goods working on a spiral cut and pouring resin -

And of course Wax / Surf Co in the studio shaping their board -

Support Local Creativity

If you're doing business in NYC and think carefully about the impact you're making on the environment and on your local community then perhaps follow in 16 Handles footsteps and engage with our artists and makers and we'll make magic happen for you. Just get in touch to chat about your project: erin@fiercelycurious.com

Co-founder and creative spirit for Fiercely Curious

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