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Introducing Wren Lab - Dreamy & Delicate Ceramics

Oh my.

Get ready to lust after these wheel thrown porcelain beauties by Erin Banta Wilford, because quite honestly, we already have!

Welcoming Wren Lab as the latest addition to Fiercely Made, we are staying true to our mission - bringing you more sleek, sexy handmade Brooklyn objects!

Erin Banta Wilford lives near us in Boerum Hill so we had a chance to be the first to feast our eyes on her entire new collection of ceramics that came straight out of the kiln and onto our site - to share with you and the world.

Please enjoy our photos of our visit not only to Erin's lovely home, but also to her studio in Red Hook where she pulled clay into hypnotizing spiral creations raising our infatuation with her porcelain cylinders to new heights!

Seeping with talent, Erin is also a photographer (those subtle and ethereal framed works behind her are all her own captures)!

Wren Lab in Action

Erin P: You were a fine arts major (combined media with an emphasis in ceramics and photography) in college. Tell us about how you convinced your father to let you pursue this path?

Erin B: My parents were a little leery of me studying ceramics in college for fear of the major lacking a traditional career path. My father was a dentist and mentioned that if I really liked working in clay there were lucrative job opportunities making porcelain teeth. I quickly nodded and soon after found my 19-year-old self at some dental conference with a bunch of middle aged, midlife crisis-having dentists looking at slides of teeth. To this day I have never attempted to make a tooth, but the facade allowed me to get through college without too much parental harassment about my choice of majors.

We can thank the teeth for the porcelain. Once I went white, I never went back. It’s like working with butter, extremely delicate and extremely challenging. The end product is something simple, beautiful and pure.

He said, “it’s as if you have a song playing in your head and we can see the rhythm of the music coming out on the pot.” Once I started keeping the lines, I dug in further to make them even more exaggerated.

Wren Lab Products

Milk Jug Small - $35:

Cylinders - $120 to $160:

Large Planter - $72:

Lily Cups (set of two) - $50:

Shop all of Wren Lab's products here>>

Dive on in!

Xo Erin & Tom


Co-founder and creative spirit for Fiercely Curious

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