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While in Montreal, we went on a secret studio visit with artist Jason Cantoro (read the full story on Fiercely Curious!) - and that led us to this exclusive home pop-up by the talented tastemaker Azamit!

We were stunned to find a whole apartment dedicated to works of art and objects made by local artists and makers! Here's the full story...


Initially set up for Afar Experiences program, Azamit, a stylist of over 15 years, decided to open up a private shopping experience in an entire apartment (just below her very own) to the public for one week only. Lucky us.


Enter your dream home. Open and airy, this spacious loft in Old Montreal is actually an entire apartment filled with just enough beautiful objects to make you never want to leave. Azamit’s welcoming conversation, wine on the private terrace and introduction to other cool local makers, Woolfell in fact, kept us lingering for hours.

 Azamit suggests that she just threw this together, but the reality is that she’s been building her trusted rolodex forging friendships with artists and makers over the last 13 years since her creation of Souk @ Sat (the hottest holiday market pop up in Montreal).

Azamit’s strong sense of style radiates with taste, elegance and ease. As much as her years of styling helped build her foundation as a tastemaker, it’s the relationships Azamit speaks so fondly of. She’s committed to helping artists and makers grow their careers by shining a spotlight on their work in it’s most delectable setting.

Dreamy rooms


Avant garde bedroom in tones of greys, blacks and whites and with jewelry that is equal parts refined, excavated and sculptural and clothing that leans ever so slightly towards the technical.


Spacious living room with planes of pale grey holding stacks of minimalistic ceramics while the walls and ceiling are speckled with bulbs of light and streaks of metal.

Wide open kitchen with nostalgic tiling – a chef’s delight, we found an array of artisanal products that we would have feasted on right then and there, had Azamit not listed out an entire week’s worth of hidden gem restaurants that all sound like must-visits!


Subtle imperfections to simplistic wares. We adore the light fixture as well as stacks of art by our new find, Jason Cantoro.


Children’s room – handmade toys, decorative utilitarian wall hooks, plush woven floor rugs and of course, the best hideout of all kind.

Killer light fixtures among cozy alcoves. Azamit told us that just two weeks prior, she actually was only installing the floors! Details, details.

We can't wait to see what Azamit has in store next. Follow her sleek Instagram here: _AZAMIT

Thanks Azamit, for welcoming us into your home and for sharing our love of artists and makers!


Co-founder and creative spirit for Fiercely Curious

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