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Fiercely Curious is an online art & design collective based in Brooklyn.

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Treading Urban Water - Soho Loft Show

Closing Reception: Friday, March 11th
Time: 6-9pm
Location: 49 Crosby St. No. 3 (bt Spring and Broome Sts)

We'll be serving up Barrow's Intense cocktails and wine for our very last night of viewing!


Fiercely Curious is proud to present our very first show ever in Manhattan -

Opening February 19th, this 3 week long show will be on display in a stunning private Soho loft, The Crosby House in partnership with Beautiful Things Curated.

Curatorial Statement

Treading Urban Water is a show exploring the symbiotic relationship between patterns and the unpredictable, between rules and improvisation.

Artists often reference nature’s growth patterns that form regular, consistent and beautiful shapes. But they also witness the magic of chaos making it’s way into the path of these growth patterns. It’s here, where they witness something totally new and spectacularly unique being created.

In the urban environment as well, we disrupt each other, but we also feed off of this disruption and evolve to become something new and different.

This show includes direct representations of nature by seven urban Brooklyn, NY based artists.


Eulogy by Dana James



Subsurface No.4 by Dael Oates


The Firebird by Alexa Williams

Growth Patterns

Heavens by Halsey Chait


Chair 6 by Reed Hansuld


Tetrahedron Coffee Table by Robert Sukrachand


Mystery Boobs by J*Double*U

These artists see the same rules of growth (and rule breaking) in nature as in urban environments as being the driving force of our lives. They inform themselves by interacting with and being affected by others much like nature does within it's own environment.

Treading Urban Water explores how a bit of chance, disruption and rule breaking within both natural and urban environments can reveal something surprisingly beautiful and completely new every time.

Cocktail Reception: Friday, February 19th
Time: 7-10pm
Location: 49 Crosby St. No. 3 (bt Spring and Broome Sts)

We will be introducing two new artists to Fiercely Curious: Alexa Williams and Halsey Chait!

The show will also include a stunning selection of paintings by Dana James and a new photographic series and video by Dael Oates. Beautiful furniture designs will be included by Robert Sukrachand and Reed Hansuld with accent ceramics by J*Double*U.

Treading Urban Water will be on display until March 11th in the lovely private residence, The Crosby House and is in participation with Beautiful Things Curated.

Have a peek at our Opening Reception here: Fiercely Curious Facebook

If you are interested in viewing this show, we would be more than happy to take you on a private viewing during this time. Please email me at: erin@fiercelycurious.com

We look forward to sharing this very special show with you!



Co-founder and creative spirit for Fiercely Curious

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