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Introducing two stunning new bodies of work by photographer, Dan Wonderly. We got swept away by this black and white series of the ever changing terrain underfoot while the ocean sweeps new and beautiful compositions over it's vast canvas. All shot with a Rolleiflex TLR film camera, these are limited edition prints of 20.


Tidal 12, unframed (starting at $200).

Tidal 5, unframed (starting at $200).

Tidal 10, framed (starting at $375).

"After years of traveling to the Oregon coast, a recurring theme struck me about the way the tide rearranges all of its particles and debris.  It's like an chaotic etcha-sketch that you shake and it resets.  The ever evolving, constantly changing canvas.  This is the driving force behind "Tidal."  I'm fascinated by the endless range of visual permutations created by the tide of the ocean.  So when I spend a day at the beach, I'm usually the one with my lens pointed at the ground, getting down in the sand and trying to capture those disassembled moments as they wash in and out with the tide." - Dan Wonderly 

Cars 02

Headed straight down memory lane, these nostalgic studies are serene and simple, yet loaded with history and secret hidden stories. Capture your youth and zip off to more playful adventures on the frontier! These photographic pigment prints are digital captures and are available either unframed or framed. Edition of 20.

Car 07, unframed (starting at $300).

Car 01, unframed (starting at $300).


Car 06, framed (starting at $450).

"There is something comforting about the way that weathered objects interact with light.  I think that was one of the attractions to starting this “Cars” project. The way these small, cracking, toys have managed - over a myriad of years - to end up on eBay and onto my set is fascinating.  Once there, it has taken me a number of years and variations of approach to juxtapose, and place them in settings that feel interesting enough to commit to making an image out of. At the end of the day, “Cars” represent some semblance of youth — and our fascination with holding onto it, capturing it, and altering it." - Dan Wonderly 

Please enjoy reading more about Dan Wonderly and his work: here. Custom framing options are available. Email me with any questions here: erin@fiercelycurious.com

Thanks Dan for sharing such beautiful work with Fiercely Curious!


Co-founder and creative spirit for Fiercely Curious

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