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Fiercely Curious is an online art & design collective based in Brooklyn.

We believe in connecting directly with the artists and designers.



During our trip to Montreal for the infamous Jazz Fest, we found ourselves swept away by art of another kind – visual art. The city overflows with street art, museums and galleries and we found ourselves upon the Mtl en Arts street fair, a four day art show displaying the works of over 120 artists taking place on the bustling street of Rue Sainte - Catherine which stretched through the Gay Village.

Touring through the booths, we noticed an open air three dimensional photographic sculpture along the street and shared a photo of Jason Cantoro’s latest printed, folded, painted and sculpted body of work via Instagram that will be on exhibit until September.

Jason, in appreciation of our post, invited us on over to his studio for an impromptu visit on our last day in Montreal. We were wowed by his giant studio space, his huge body of work ranging from small limited edition prints on paper to complicated photo manipulations with multiple pulls of color to his new 3D sculptures.

Jason’s new direction involves scoring and folding his prints on cotton rag paper to create a more dynamic piece which begins as a two dimensional study.

Having studied Fine Art and silkscreen printing at UQAM, Jason is a master of his profession and has also created a collective called CINQUNQUATRE with his partner, Alice Jarry where other artists can work and show their work.

Jason is looking to scale up – he’s interested in printing on new materials such as cloth and cement as he holds a bigger vision for work through murals and sculpture to grow his body of work to new dimensions. 

Above Jason's made a unique silkscreen of a fictitious Montreal skyline that only an astute eye would notice. He's done multiple pulls of color here to achieve such nuanced depth.


Have a space that’s crying out for a Jason Cantoro original? Jason has done unique wallpapers for restaurants, resin coated works for outdoors and has a creative network around to help him build it out, so even the sky poses no limits.


Jason's right hand man is his agent, Karine Schutt-Kimpton who's sleeves are rolled up keeping Jason very busy...we loved hearing about how she represents her creatives. She's got a personalized Fiercely Curious vibe to the way she works and we love it! 

Thanks Jason and Karine for inviting us into your studio for a visit...we can't wait to collaborate with you!


Co-founder and creative spirit for Fiercely Curious

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