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And Show it Goes... Another Year In The Bag!

So we talked your ear off about our 1 Year Anniversary Pop Up- some kind of combo of a shopping event for art, design, furniture, small goods, and then live music, pizza, artist and maker demos and stuff and more stuff and parties and night bazaars and pierogies and hot toddy's. And then, well...we went and did it....ALL.

We had a blast and were so happy that hundreds of people came out to this lovely up and coming neighborhood in Gowanus to party, shop and celebrate with us! Snow did not set ups back, it just extended the party. 

Come join us for a tour!

Room 1 - Magical Lunar Theme

The interior room had a magical lunar theme playing off of the futuristic lives we can dream about living. It was stark, bold, sculptural, yet ethereal and sculptural.

Above (left to right): Noble Goods Drip/Fold resin poured table, Btw Ceramics pottery and inky art by Ai Campbell. Waltz, by Susan Weinthaler's magnetic moveable art bits on a steel canvas. Metal master, Juan Alfaro Design's interlocking steel hexagonal piece called Hive and lunar surf boards by Wax / Surf Co - hand carved, hand shaped and hand poured. Glass topped walnut Sawhorse table by Robert Sukrachand holds wares from both Btw Ceramics and J*Double*U, a live edge serving board by Pernt and framed photographic prints by Dan Wonderly

Teeth, by Cecelia Rembert, stools by Surname Goods, wares by Btw Ceramics, framed photographic prints by Dan Wonderly. Chairs by Reed Hansuld, side table by Pernt, vases by Btw Ceramics, plaster sculptures by Lucas Moran.

Conductor flasks and writing desk by Surname Goods, vintage erotica bottles by J*Double*U, camping knives by Horse.

Chair by Reed Hansuld, hydrocal and wood artworks by Sara Kriendler, ceramics by J*Double*U, Aperture coffee table by TJ Volonis. Hand mirror, by Annie Raso and wallets by Polt.  

Scribbles, dots and lines. Graphic copper work by TJ Volonis for his Scallop coffee table with an ovular glass surface plays so beautifully with J*Double*U's Scribble tea light lanterns and Tough Guy bowls.

Room 2 - Bathing in Sunlight

The front room was just bathing in sunlight and deserved a vibrant and bright theme. We played off of one of our favorite ideas- youth....FOREVER. Think of this room as a playroom for adults full of resin color touched furniture, pinch pot salt cellars for your playful kitchen experimentations, a touch of pop art and a hefty dose of bent wood and metal (check out that chess board...yes it's made of silverware and comes with a magnetic board).

Goodies galore!

Btw Ceramics pottery, Art of Plants bent wood sculpture, Jeremy Willis Mouth series, Daniel Moyer Design table, Reed Hansuld's curvy chair, Ian Trask's Hungry Chess set, J*Double*U's Tough Guy Cups, Jason Kachadourian's small modular grid series mounted on the wall how you like with moveable shelves! Chevron resin shelf and bullseye board by Noble Goods  and more work by Art of Plants.

Enclosed Operetta by Rebecca Norton, color resin touched furniture by Noble Goods, and landscape paintings by Shane Neufeld, ceramics by BTW Ceramics (below).


Bent wood ceiling hung sculpture by Art of Plants, two colorful works by Chiaozza, Surname Goods stool and Btw Ceramics cactus splatter planter.

Let there be light! Cloud Array 001 Series by Chris Klapper and Patrick Gallagher, vinyl on glass by Rebecca Norton, Shane Neufeld's architectural landscape painting.

And now...onto the PARTIES!

There were people. Lot's of 'em:

There was live music by Thomas Callahan of Horse and artist, Bill Logan.

We had a Flask making Demo by Surname Goods:

Complicit Caricatures by Jeremy Willis:

There were lines for Roberta's pizza and Three's Brewing beer.

There were bottles of Brooklyn Brewery's finest aflow.

Live blue grass by The Tumble, Hot Toddy's by Barrow's Intense:


Pierogies from Baba's:


And of course, our Boozy Night Bazaar (shopping spree til midnight)!



And deepest thanks to all of our friends who helped us out in some way:


We love you...(here's proof)!

If you don't see something on the site that you're interested in from above then drop us a line here: hello@fiercelycurious.com. We presented a whole new body of work by our artists and makers for the occasion and are hard at work getting these up on the site to share with you!


Tom Critchlow

Co-founder and hustler. @tomcritchlow

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