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Fiercely Curious is an online art & design collective based in Brooklyn.

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5 Reasons You Should Come to our Art & Design Show in Gowanus!
In our first year running Fiercely Curious & Fiercely Made we’ve gone from a ramshackle pop-up gallery show with 6 artists to one of Brooklyn’s biggest art & design shows.

And this week, we’re hosting our next event with over 40 Brooklyn based artists, furniture designers and makers.

For the full lineup and schedule click here.

Here’s 5 reasons you should come along:

Abstract & Artful

We’ll have plenty of soft tonal colors and textures on show from Brooklyn artists:

Landscapes by Shane Neufeld

September Creeping In by Emily Church

Brooklyn Brewed & Baked

Brooklyn is delicious. We’ve curated the best of Brooklyn food and drink to serve you up for free during our week long show.

We’ll have Roberta’s Pizza & Threes Brewing Beer (Feb 28th), Barrows Intense (Mar 5th) and Brooklyn Brewery all week long!

Color & Copper

The best thing about mixing art and design is that we get to blur the boundaries — showcasing art next to design, design that looks like art and beautiful objects that defy classification.

digital archetype 8 by Shane Neufeld

“In a world in which information may be disseminated easily and replicated with exhausting exactness, these images invert the typical relationship between the technical process of reproduction and content. Whereas typically, digital methods are intended to precisely reproduce archetypes, the images exploit digital techniques to perform just the opposite: to upend our traditional expectation of the machine and instead use it’s methods for purely imprecise and unique results. Thus, the technical process informs content rather than merely reproduces it. The result is a hybrid image that exudes traces of both a digital and human world.” — Shane Neufeld

The vibrance of color will be balanced against the neutral tones, warm metal and organic forms of TJ Volonis’ copper designs:

Aperture Coffee Table by TJ Volonis

Surf & Steel

The things being made here in Brooklyn will amaze you — we’ll be showing some beautiful surfboards made in Williamsburg by Wax / Surf Co!

Come hang out with Mike and Tyler — ask them about surfing through the winter and what goes into the process of making these boards by hand.

Surfboards in the front, steel in the back— across the back wall of our space we’ll mount a 7 foot cold rolled slab of beautiful steel to house the magnificent art installation by Susan Weinthaler — Waltz.

Waltz is made with pages from Thoreau’s book “Walden” and Mandelbrot’s book “Fractals in Nature”, ink drawings, hardwood, glue, paint and polyurethane. Mounted on the steel canvas with magnetic backings, these artistic “bits” present infinite possibilities:

Waltz by Susan Weinthaler

Plants of Air & Petals

We have something special for horticultural hedonists.

First up — where science meets nature, bent wood sculpts around the air plants that are cradled within. These creations are from The Art of Plants — by Jenny Wong-Stanley in her Red Hook studio:

And we’ll also be showcasing some breathtaking watercolor paintings of peonies from William Suran’s Demon Series (along with some prints too!):

Live Demos!

This is the conductor flask made by Surname Goods — a duo of makers passionate about the quality of their goods and partial to a little whisky.

Come on down on Feb 28th, 7pm to see them do a live flask making demo!

Complicit Caricature by Jeremy Willis:

Complicit Caricatures by Jeremy Willis feature pre-drawn sharpie drawings and then portraits added to them live in 30 minutes. You never know what you may find yourself doing.

Jeremy Willis will be at our show drawing these on the evenings of Feb 28th and Mar 5th!

Full Lineup:


We’re giddy for Gowanus again! We’re hosting the show in a 3600sq foot space on:

319 3rd Avenue (at 1st Street), Brooklyn.

(Just around the corner from Whole Foods Brooklyn)

Thanks & much love, we’ll see you there!

Erin & Tom xo


Tom Critchlow

Co-founder and hustler. @tomcritchlow

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