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Bold, Bent and Beautiful

Form meets function in the jewelry created by Mia Hebib of Oblik Atelier. With a background in jewelry and a heavy interest in sculpture, she looks at each piece from a more artistic than fashion perspective with a strong need to make them big and bold.

Though many jewelers have collections that maintain a predetermined theme, each piece Mia creates is inspired by something different and is given its own name, making her body of work a series of entirely unique items.

“I never have a set path for a collection even though that's what people think when they think of jewelry but really what I do just happens to be jewelry. When I start I have an idea but it’s really whatever it needs to be. I'm constantly changing my mind and thinking about new twists on classic shapes.”

This sense of freedom in the way she creates is what allows her to be so flexible with the outcome of a piece allowing it to turn into something else, making working with clients all the more easy. As I sat there admiring her current pieces, she told me about her thoughts on studio visits and how they contribute to her work.

“I love studio visits, it's like a little playtime. People make the effort to come see you and are responding to the work you do. It’s a rewarding love fest.”

Recently, one of our clients paid Mia a studio visit and they both worked together one-on-one to create a custom piece.

“This one was short but we squeezed it in, we were on a mission. She didn't tell me exactly what she wanted, so it became a dialogue. Speaking with people like that really ends up as a critique of your work. I made something she’d seen and liked online on a smaller scale and I am pleased. It’s a totally new product.”

With this in mind, Mia also keeps the pieces that went wrong somewhere in the process with the possibility that they will one day turn into something else with the help of another’s perspective or even just a future mindset.

 Though Mia’s recent studio visit helped her to see the benefits of creating some of her pieces on a smaller scale, her dream for the future leans the opposite way.

“I’ve always wanted to do lighting design and wondered how I can translate these shapes to that.”

Here are two pieces that came from this commission -

Maze, 14k gold plated brass and leatherRiplish, 14k gold plated brass and leather

Email us to inquire about these pieces or for a studio visit of your own at: hello@fiercelycurious.com.

Make sure to check out Mia’s new pieces online here: Oblik Atelier

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Taylor Burt

Creativity hunter for Fiercely Curious

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