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A New Set of Noble Goodies

Between the switch to a new studio, collaborating on their second project with 16 Handles and designing and planning entirely new and bigger pieces, its safe to say Noble Goods founders, Christopher and Molly, are making all kinds of moves.

Their new studio in Greenpoint is home to not only them but other Brooklyn makers as well. They rent out portions of their shop allowing it to function more as cooperative work space. This bigger space also grants them more room to build and experiment.

After showing me around, Christopher of Noble Goods talked to me about all the fun things they’ve been working on lately.

Since their first commission with 16 Handles of Williamsburg went so well, they were asked back to design a new addition to the store.

"The owner wanted a wall art work, these 6 boards arranged in sunburst pattern with 16 Handles in middle."
The custom boards that were created for this unique location were inspired by an original Noble Goods design called the Bullseye Board. With this as the base, Christopher then drew out templates of fruit by hand and programmed it into their robot that helps to carve the boards more precisely. These carvings were then filled with resin and polished down flat.


The finished installation showcasing the fresh fruit cut daily at 16 Handles, Williamsburg

This robot, built by Christopher from a kit he purchased, is the key to bigger pieces coming out of Noble Goods in the future.

“We wanted to test the limits of a computer controlled cutting machine and it's accuracy. How quickly could we move from a napkin sketch to a finished product.”

Christopher's talented assistant Kevin working out some measurements with the robot below.

Combining this with experimental gradients through depth of carving led them their first credenza that features a scalloped design mimicking that of a koi fish. It starts on one end with a deep pink color then slowly lightens towards the center before descending back into the original color on the other end. In order to create this effect, they use liquid resin that allows them to control the color as well as the opacity, making it more complex than just a regular inlay.

This Koi Credenza is the first of a new body of work which features this type of resin work on a larger scale, hinting at more staple furniture pieces in the future.

With a new space, new equipment and new ideas coming from Christopher and Molly, Noble Goods may just be the perfect choice when it comes to furnishing your home!

To check out their available works, go to: Noble Goods 

Ciao for now!


Taylor Burt

Creativity hunter for Fiercely Curious

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