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Fiercely Curious is an online art & design collective based in Brooklyn.

We believe in connecting directly with the artists and designers.


Fresh Finds - feast your eyes on new art + design!

Spring is finally in the air! As the cool days warm and the sun sets into deep purple and amber hues, its the perfect time to share with you the brand new work that our talented artists and designers have been churning out.


Diamonds in the limitless night skies. These works emulate nature's rules in an organized geometric fashion flowing with subtle variations of palest sky blues to the deepest ocean depths. 

top row (left to right): Blue Code by Edward Granger, Antique Cobalt Gem Mirror by Robert Sukrachand, Light Leak by Crystal Gregory

bottom row (left to right): Subserface 6 by Dael Oates, Merino Woven Throw by Glitch Textiles, Endless Arrows Pillow by Au Retour


Astutely angulated, these pieces take subtle twists and turns making for an unpredictably organized yet whimsical feel. Deep yellows and purple tones remind me of the beautiful evenings ahead.

top row (left to right): Convert Table by Colleen & Eric, Eye Dazzler pillow by Au Retour, Desert Dreams by Emily Church

bottom row (left to right): VHS by Edward Granger, Dropped Steps by Sara Lynn Sterling, Variation on a Theme (Yellow Blue Red) by Crystal Gregory


Unexpected industrial materials often used for urban building design (concrete, wood, contractor's chalk and aluminum mesh) take on a soft and refined perspective - modern elegance.

top row (left to right): Custom artwork for Green Fingers Market by Edward Granger, Hand painted Alpaca Throw by Dosia Sanford, Disorder Bench by Peg Woodworking

bottom row (left to right): Zipper Round Coffee Table by Black Table Studio, Diving by Alexa Williams, Russian Doll Vase 702 by WrenLab Ceramics

Spring spring spring ahead,




Co-founder and creative spirit for Fiercely Curious

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