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Who We Are

Fiercely Curious is an online art & design collective based in Brooklyn.

We believe in connecting directly with the artists and designers.

Red Coral
Red Coral
by Emily Church

Size: 11 x 8 inches

Material: Oil on linen



"I love working in the intimate scale of the smallest of my paintings and drawings, where my eye can encompass the entire piece all at once without having to move my head. These paintings feel like they are inside me - very internal works that express a feeling rather than a space.

All my work is abstract now, but it references real concrete experiences of the world: nature, urban industrial landscapes, bodies and body parts, etc. Images come to mind and I jot them down in my hand-made sketchbooks. I work with the same forms over and over until they change or morph meaning and evolve into new forms. It is an organic way of working. I try not to limit or control the imagery much beyond a formal need for composition, color, space, etc.

I search for beauty in forms but also try to push against formal beauty. I try to challenge the viewer to consider certain colors, forms, ideas that may feel rough or abrasive or against an internal order and to consider a new view that can open the concept of beauty into unexpected realms." - Emily Church, 2015


Emily's small works on canvas can be combined to create a unique story and are available for purchase individually or as a group of your preferred size and selection. These pieces make wonderfully, spontaneous arrangements!

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Emily Church
About Emily Church
Whether working with vibrant inks on paper or rich oils on rabbit skin glue covered linen, Emily Church's modern vision resonates through her classic tools and techniques. Originally from Kentucky, Emily received her Master's Degree from the New York Studio School - an intimate yet immersive program where she studied under the likes of Bill Jensen and Margrit Lewczuk. Working within the realm of abstraction, Emily continues to reference real concrete experiences of the world: nature, urban industrial landscapes, bodies, body parts and sexuality. Her work is a search for phenomena in nature and urban life. The paintings stem from... read more
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