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Who We Are

Fiercely Curious is an online art & design collective based in Brooklyn.

We believe in connecting directly with the artists and designers.

Traditional Ring Box
Traditional Ring Box
Traditional Ring Box
Traditional Ring Box
Traditional Ring Box
by Annie Raso

Size: 2”x2”x2”

Material: Wood (magnoila), silver, felt, foam



A little birdie told me you're looking for a jewelry box made to display an engagement ring. Yeah? Well you're in luck. This is exactly what this is and built with silver rivets. Elegant and made to the highest quality. We can even make this from a unique choice of wood- for example, a branch from a tree that's significant to you.

Each box is made for especially for a very special ring. Just let us know what you need - drop us a note at

Lead Time - 4 weeks for custom wood orders, otherwise 2 weeks. Price starts at $500 for custom orders.
Annie Raso
About Annie Raso
Annie went to SUNY New Paltz to study art, but soon discovered that it was woodworking that she loved as it was the perfect blend of math, science, physics, art, design, mechanics, and functionality. We absolutely love her little ring boxes, Annie makes special selections of woods and loves to work with really difficult and oily ones...we got to feast our eyes on a coveted piece of ebony she's been saving for the perfect project. She's a chick amongst the bros in a large shared wood shop in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY, but that doesn't stop Annie from wearing her skirt... read more
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