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Who We Are

Fiercely Curious is an online art & design collective based in Brooklyn.

We believe in connecting directly with the artists and designers.

Brooklyn Sky
Brooklyn Sky
by Emily Church

Size: 14 x 18 inches

Material: Oil on linen



"2017 left me feeling adrift as a painter, feeling unsure of subject matter and uninspired. As the year anniversary of the 2016 election approached, and the fall light began to settle over New York, I tentatively began painting landscapes again. I had not painted landscapes since 2010, but intuitively it felt familiar and right. The landscapes are largely based on scenes I encounter on a daily basis in Brooklyn while caring for my young children or walking to and from the studio. Many of the paintings are based on the view from my apartment windows overlooking Prospect Park. For a long while I’ve hesitated to paint directly from the landscape, though my abstract paintings between 2010-2017 were based largely on the natural world, because I wondered what I could possibly bring to a genre so rich with history and presence. But as I paint more of these landscapes from my daily life, I’m continually astonished at the richness of the natural world, even amidst the concrete jungle, and how technically difficult it can be to paint what I see. And especially now, in these incredibly uncertain times, when the politicians and many constituents seem to care nothing for the environment or the greater planet, when nearly every person is engrossed in a bit of digital media held in the palm, I find it even more important to take notice of that world happening outside the human touch, to take solace in a sunrise, to paint the passing of the clouds." - Emily Church, 2018


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Emily Church
About Emily Church
Whether working with vibrant inks on paper or rich oils on rabbit skin glue covered linen, Emily Church's modern vision resonates through her classic tools and techniques. Originally from Kentucky, Emily received her Master's Degree from the New York Studio School - an intimate yet immersive program where she studied under the likes of Bill Jensen and Margrit Lewczuk. Working within the realm of abstraction, Emily continues to reference real concrete experiences of the world: nature, urban industrial landscapes, bodies, body parts and sexuality. Her work is a search for phenomena in nature and urban life. The paintings stem from... read more
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