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Fiercely Curious is an online art & design collective based in Brooklyn.

We believe in connecting directly with the artists and designers.

by Susan Weinthaler


Size: 10.75 x 60.5 Inches

Material: Mixed media


“I wanted to start a new category, a new species, after pursuing making infinitely flexible magnetic Bits for over ten years. It was time to figure out a direction more suitable for public areas because people steal my Bits. As a solution, I am now making “Panels”, which are larger versions of Bits but attached directly to the wall. The pieces in this show are intended as sketches, or scale models, for potentially much larger installations, and perhaps bigger ideas.

To begin, I started by cutting up scrap in my studio with no real intention whatsoever except to explore the intrinsic beauty of shapes, and vertebrae are what happened. The chunks of wood became bones in my hand, objects similar yet different but still working together as part of a significant modular system over all. It’s a beautiful subset of the skeleton, meaningful on so many levels. I realized just how often I think about my spine, how essential it is, and I wanted to tattoo my backbone with symbols of strength and endurance as a rite of passage into a new chapter of my work.”

- Susan Weinthaler, 2018

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Susan Weinthaler
About Susan Weinthaler
Susan makes “Bits”, which are small unique objects outfitted with a magnet on the back. They can exist as their own independent work of art, for they are really quite lovely all by themselves, but Bits are intended to be grouped together so as to create something larger, something with a life force.

Magnets offer the perfect mounting system for infinite potential configurations when placed en masse on a steel canvas. Bits are not meant to be still, they are meant to be perpetually deconstructed and reconstructed. It’s the whole point. Weinthaler lives with her family in New York City... read more
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