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Who We Are

Fiercely Curious is an online art & design collective based in Brooklyn.

We believe in connecting directly with the artists and designers.

Sean Hutcheon
About Sean
Sean Hutcheon is a photographer living and working in Brooklyn NY. Born in the Philadelphia suburbs in Bucks County Pennsylvania, he intensely studied traditional filmmaking and film photography at a very young age. Still life and landscape and abstract black and white imagery is still today Hutcheon’s main focus and to preserve the art of film photography and traditional printing techniques.

In 2005 Hutcheon moved to NYC and began shooting commercially, while continuing to work on his personal projects, for clients such as Lens Crafters, Victoria’s Secret, Jockey, Sam Edelman and ALDO. In the last decade Hutcheon has been concentrating on capturing the essence of America through traditional photography techniques.
Sean 's Process
I shoot everything with an all manual Nikon FM3 35mm with a motor drive. The camera dates back to 1980's and was a gift from a camera enthusiast who I know from my hometown in Bucks County. I shoot all Ilford film stocks, depending on where and what I will be shooting.

I make my archival enlargements using Ilford fiber based papers. I will switch up the type of paper depending on the negative. I make all my enlargements either at Bushwick Community Darkroom or at School of International Center of Photography's darkroom.

Art by Sean

In conversation with Sean

Erin: What are you curious about?

Sean: I am curious all things mechanical. I want to know how things work and how they were built. Everything from trucks to snow plows to garbage trucks and especially the subway system and it's trains. I think of how these tunnels were built, how long it took, if they were done on time. I wish I could go wandering around down there. I think the subway system is one of the biggest structural achievements man has accomplished.

Erin: Describe your art and describe your process.

Sean: My process is very organic. I try to stay true to traditional photography as much as possible. Everything I shoot is shot on film and is lit naturally and I perform zero alterations to my images. I dust them in photoshop and that is all. My work is very honest in how I feel and it is very deliberate. I do not take snap shots. Every image is carefully thought through with lighting, composition and emotions. I love all of my images, and they are deeply a part of who I am. I hope that one can appreciate my work as I am very proud of my accomplishments.

Erin: We know you've made some video shorts in your past. Are there plans for more in the future? Can we see one now?

Sean: Absolutely! I have 2 shorts posted on youtube. Here is the link to my channel

A short 16mm short film by Sean Hutcheon. This was the winner of the Honorable Mention at the 2008 New York Short Film Festival.
Writing and directing is a passion of mine and I got into it a very young age, making my first feature length when I was 15 years old. I have a script that I wrote a couple years ago, that I love, that's on the back burner. I have all the intentions in the world to get it shot and into festivals. I just need to find the funds to get it done!

Erin: We know you make some pretty fabulous lamps- how did you get into that? Will you sell some on Fiercely Curious?

Sean: Haha. When I was in college, I worked at a lamp and lighting store as a warehouse/shipping receiving boy. At times, I would have to assemble huge chandeliers, floor lamps, wall sconces etc. I got into electrics and fabricating lighting ideas and re-wiring old lamps is a hobby that I really enjoy. When I have some new lamps built, I would be honored to sell some to Fiercely Curious!

Erin: We hear you just took a road trip- what's your next subject matter going to be?

Sean: Hmmmm, good question. I haven't really thought about a new project just yet. I get really inspired when I travel and I am really interested in continuing to explore America. I want to capture on how I feel when I see a new location for the first time. I think I will continue to shoot landscapes and odd interiors. I have, however been interested in beds for a long time. Every time I stay at a hotel or where ever, I shoot the bed in the room I am staying at. So maybe soon I will have enough material focusing on beds.

Erin: What is the one thing that you obsess most about?

Sean: Success and perfection. I want to be the best I can be in every aspect in my life. Oh, and I obsess over the Philadelphia Eagles. GO BIRDS, BABY!!!!

Erin: Give us the story of your music career.

Sean: Oh wow. Well, I started playing drums when I was 15. I practiced every day for hours after school and it was my everything. I played in a few bands in middle school, then in high school I started singing and was in a very successful post-metal/post-hardcore outfit called Sensei. Sadly we disbanded after high school because the other members went off to college. We would have made it if we stuck together. We were awesome. After Sensei I went back to drumming and then picked up guitar as well and taught myself how to play and I started writing songs. Around the same time, I tried out for a band called Tower. The music was dark, Tool/Rush sounding, the other members were much older than I was. We cut an album and toured in the Philly area every weekend. What an amazing experience. Long story short, Tower disbanded because I started focusing on my filmmaking. I was in and out of MANY bands until 2007 when I moved to NY, I met Rob Trout and started a post hardcore/post punk duo explosion named Blue Sky Law. Influences were Quicksand, Sunny Day Real Estate, Helmet and Fugazi. We cut 2 EP's and we won the 2008 Brooklyn Battle of the Bands, which felt like winning an Oscar or a Grammy to me. I was blown away. Sadly we disbanded a couple years ago because Rob took a job in North Carolina. One can listen to our albums on Band Camp. Here is the link:
We were lucky enough to sneak into Sean's practice studio in Gowanus and take photos
Erin: Do you use computers in your work or is it all analog?

Sean: Well, when I started, everything I did was analog. I hated digital and that the future was digital. I knew that I had to begin changing my workflow a little bit. I still shoot film and I will shot film until there is no more film left to shoot. I used to process it myself when I was in college and at ICP. Because of time restraints, I have a lab that I trust with all of my work, to process the negatives. For my website, I scan my negatives for that purpose and if a Client ever wanted to purchase a larger print of an image, that option would be available to them. I prefer to enlarge myself, though. I use a darkroom space in Bushwick to enlarge.

Erin: What’s your favorite bar in Brooklyn?

Sean: This is a tough question! haha! Wow. Well, There are many drinking establishments I enjoy in good ol' BK. What comes to mind immediately is Bar Great Harry in Carroll Gardens. They always have a great brew selection. Its a place when you can go with a group of friends, a date, or with a good book on a snowy Saturday.

See all of Sean 's work

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