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Who We Are

Fiercely Curious is an online art & design collective based in Brooklyn.

We believe in connecting directly with the artists and designers.

Peter Treiber Jr

About Peter Treiber Jr
I am from Sea Cliff, NY. A tiny little village on the north shore of Long Island. No. I do not have an accent. I studied History and Anthropology at the University of South Carolina. This was where a love of stories, culture and people truly began. I am currently assistant to artist/director/stuff maker/hat wearer extraordinaire, Mac Premo. I help him in all endeavors. From film making to art production to baseball catches.
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In conversation with Peter Treiber Jr

Erin: What are you curious about?

Peter: I am curious about the small moments in life. The seemingly insignificant. The little bits of existence that most people tend to ignore or simply do not recognize the beauty that can be found in the mundane, the pedestrian. My challenge to those around me would be to spend a moment at the end of their day to reflect and find some good in it. Be curious about it all.

For Pete's Sake - An Artist Video shot at the Invisible Dog by Ann Lupo
Erin: Describe your art and describe your process.

Peter: I feel compelled to make art. It took me a while to make the leap from raw idea/vision in my head, to notebook, to attempting the creation of a piece. Once you get past the FACT that you can and will most likely fail in this process of art making; then you have made peace and the realization can truly begin.
Erin: Tell me about your previous odd jobs and how they ultimately led you to art.

Peter: After college I found myself in the wilderness of life. In all of my previous years of existence there was always a goal, a trail marker offered to make sure that I knew what was next. After graduating there was wide open space with no clear path before me. This is what I did whilst I avoided getting a serious job and figured out what I wanted to do with myself:
- intern at Early Bird Foods in Brooklyn; made granola. ate granola. sold granola
- server at burger/hotdog joint
- temp work; mostly as a secretary. answering phones, etc
- cash jobs; painting houses. running errands. landscaping
- camp counselor
- intern at an advertising agency in Manhattan (because I now knew I wanted to be in a creative field)
- production assistant for photo shoot producer
- April 2012, begin work as assistant to Mac Premo!
Erin: You told us you keep a scrapbook from your travels. Why? What’s in it?

Peter: I wanted to record my journey through specific moments. Continue making art outside the studio and see where this process took me. Create on the move. Create in unlikely spaces, like on a farm in Vietnam or a train in India. There was a notebook and a glue stick purchased in Laos. These things remained with me for the 4 months I traveled through Southeast Asia, Nepal and India.

Erin: I noticed that your work often times has a playful, tongue-in-cheek tone. What inspires your sense of humor?

Peter: My whole life, with friends and family, the objective has always been to make one another laugh. It is so much better than the alternative; not laughing.
Erin: What’s your favorite object in your studio space that you can’t live without?

Peter: My miniature zippo brand tape measurer. It was a gift from Mac. It easily fits in your pocket and I use it just about every day.
Erin: Some of your pieces are inspired by old letters. What is it about these letters that fascinates you?

Peter: The objects themselves are faded, old and beautiful. But the true reason I was fascinated with them was because they make up what historians would call micro history. A very specific glimpse into a time period through the lens of an inhabitant of that period. In this case its a New Yorker that lived in the East Village in the early 1960's.
Some of the letters Pete uses in his work
Erin: You have a strong mentor as well as a talented network around you at the Invisible Dog Studios. What is it like being a part of such amazing talent and how do they influence your work and life?

Peter: I could never have been in the position I am now; writing an artist bio and sharing artwork with the world, if I had not had so many kind, supportive, and inspiring people around me each and every day. Mac has taught me so much about art, life, baseball and how to appreciate it all. Which is usually with a good glass of wine and a steak.
Erin: We noticed you have a lot of found objects in your work. What’s your most amazing find?

Peter: It's hard to say what my most amazing find is, because I have found some pretty great stuff. Most recently I found an old book of limericks. I had no idea how dirty they could be. There are hours of laughs inscribed on those pages.
Some of the art Pete makes with found objects
Erin: What’s your greatest skill that no one knows about?

Peter: The sport of lacrosse. Specifically the position of goalie. I played for 12 years of my life. From 4th grade through all 4 years of college.

Erin: What is your dream project?

Peter: I have a few dream projects that have been running through my mind for awhile now. I've always wanted to do something with my alma mater, like create art out of stuff that people leave behind at the tailgates for football games.
Pete has great choice in footwear