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Who We Are

Fiercely Curious is an online art & design collective based in Brooklyn.

We believe in connecting directly with the artists and designers.

Agate Slices 3
Agate Slices 3
Agate Slices 3
Agate Slices 3
Agate Slices 3
by Natale Adgnot

Ink, plastic, acrylic on panel

Size: 5.75 " W x 8.25" H x 2.5" D

Year: 2018



Drawings in Three Dimensions

This ongoing series, which was begun during a three-year stint in Japan, is the outgrowth of a two-dimensional sketch journal in black and white. Hovering between drawing and sculpture, the compositions are defined by repetitive mark-making within the confines of certain rules. Each piece begins with the making of marks which are subsequently codified into a sort of visual law, then broken apart and reconstructed as a three-dimensional object. The resulting configurations, which only reveal themselves in the course of executing the rules, alternate between organic shapes like those found in agate stones and geometric forms that evoke the irregular rhythm of stalactites and stalagmites.

The series is divided into three groups, the latest of which is comprised of works on deep profile panels.

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Natale Adgnot
About Natale Adgnot
Natale has a background in fashion design and graphic design and brings a mixed media eye to her work. Her series Drawings in 3D and Minerals both play with repetition, form, shape and have a sculptural point of view. She has a fascination for science and patterns and has traveled across the world living in the US, France and Japan. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

View her CV here.
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