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Who We Are

Fiercely Curious is an online art & design collective based in Brooklyn.

We believe in connecting directly with the artists and designers.

Smart Ceramics

About J*Double*U
Jennifer may have abandoned her honors pre-med program from the University of Delaware for creativity and clay, but she's not afraid to use her surgical tools for whittling her work to perfection in her Williamsburg, Brooklyn studio.

Not taking herself too seriously, Jennifer Wilson of J*Double*U grabs the bull by the horns as she'll throw you some whiskey tumblers and shot vessels, or mold you nostalgic bottles of naked women and baby heads with reckless abandon.

Porcelain and fetishism may be her materials of choice, but expect her to throw you a cheeky line or two that's going... read more
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In conversation with J*Double*U

Erin: What are you curious about?

Jennifer: What consciousness is like for plants and animals. And if galaxies and larger galactic systems have their own form of consciousness. And if time isn’t real, what will it be like when that illusion is lifted?


Erin: Describe your work and describe your process.

Jennifer: My work is simply a reflection of what peaks my interest at any given time. I love to learn new techniques and experiment with new processes. And through that, my work takes on a life of it’s own. In fact, I prefer when I feel I’m being led by IT and I’m in the passenger seat; along for the ride.


Erin: How did you first learn to work with clay?

Jennifer: College after dropping out of the Honors Pre-med program. : )

Erin: Why porcelain?

Jennifer: It’s the most delicious of all the clays.


Erin: We love your Crackle Baby Vase. What’s the story behind the baby heads?

Jennifer: I’ve always been attracted to art that feels slightly creepy or misunderstood. I don’t think all of my art reflects this but the baby heads are definitely on that spectrum. After scouring the internet for doll parts, I came across a bunch of baby heads and proceeded to implant them in a wooden box to make the positive for the plaster mold. Being relatively new at mold making, I had no idea how heavy the mold would be for this one vase. It’s close to 80 lbs and I have man arms because of it.


Erin: You have a full time creative job while you make pottery. Does one inspire the other and how so?

Jennifer: Oh absolutely. My day job is extremely cerebral and I love it. But having a craft that is so intensively physical and sometimes painfully delicate makes for a wonderful balance. 

Erin: How did your quirky fun descriptions come to fruition? (you may want to consider a career in comedy).

Jennifer: Oh aren’t you sweet! I don’t know really. It was probably a way for me to stay entertained while populating my online commerce site (and as any artist with a website knows -  this is our least favorite part). It definitely makes for more fun. And if I can keep myself laughing then I have no time for crying or robbing convenience stores at gunpoint.



Erin: What is the most important thing you learned and from whom?

Jennifer: That it’s actually not that important - from every dead person I know.

Erin: If you had one superpower, what would it be?

Jennifer: Time travel. Hands down. For many reasons but the biggest one being taking the foot out of my mouth that I inserted.


Erin: What is your dream project?

Jennifer: To be commissioned to be a part of a larger collaborative project that is designed to help the world in some way. And if it’s a dream, then it would also take place in an eden-like garden with edible flowers like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.